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Stress-free and Healthy Gifts for Mom with Winged Wellness! #MOMSDAY21 #REVIEW


Thank you to Winged Women's Wellness for providing products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Every so often, I have trouble sleeping. No specific reasonings usually (outside of pain from super intense workouts, but its definitely frustrating to be up half the night, then tired the next few days from the fallout! Stress, anxieties, and body wellness all play a role in our sleep routines. 

I hate using certain sleep aids because they make me feel lifeless the next day- that hungover feeling that we all probably experienced in our early days of all night sessions in college/ young adult years. 

Skeptical of products that use fillers rather than quality ingredients, I've often steered clear of companies that suggest their products will help me relax, fall asleep quickly, and be well. I've also steered clear of CBD based products too- I have nothing against them, but just haven't liked how my system reacts with them.  Why spend the money, time, and energy on something if I'm not going to like it, right?

With the desire to sleep better, I decided to try out Winged Women's Wellness products. Made specifically for women, geared towards relieving stress, anxiety, and pain; Winged Wellness products try to be organic as possible, using ingredients that are pure and natural. 

Healing and Wholeness can happen, but its a slow process, and using products geared specifically for women will help with that. Products are designed to work with our hormones and immune systems in mind, which we know are vastly different than our male counterparts! 

Most Winged Products do contain CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol. For those who aren't aware, this comes from the hemp plant. CBD works with our immune system to regulate our anxieties, stress, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Basically, the way our entire body functions! 

The Hemp Plant with CBD doesn't contain the levels of the substance that makes one feel "high" like the marijuana plant does. In fact, the government does regulate the quality and amount of hemp and CBD in products, so products are not allowed to have over .3% as compared to the 30% in marijuana. Basically, this means that CBD products are designed to relieve stress but not create that euphoric feeling. 

CBD products don't work for everyone and will work differently for each person, as we all have our own immune systems and reactions. Winged Wellness products provide recommendations for amounts but as always, you have to find what works for you! Note- Winged Wellness recommends talking with your doctor about CBD products if you are pregnant, breastfeeding,  or take other medications. Speak with your employer or testing lab if drug tests are needed because THC can show up in your labwork. 

Still concerned about CBD, Hemp, and THC? Winged Wellness has a great Hemp 101 for you, with lots of available articles! Go check it out! 

I was able to try the Sleepy Gummies, a dietary supplement that contains 10mg CBD per gummy from full spectrum hemp extract (read about the differences between full, broad, partial in Winged's FAQ). The gummies include evening primrose oil, are vegan, GMO free, and gluten free. Primrose oil also helps regulate our hormone levels so we can sleep better and longer.  

Take 1-2 of these before bed to help you relax, maybe 30 mins- 60 mins before. 

While these gummies taste decent, as much as gummies can taste, its more important to feel the effects of taking them. Effects for the last couple of nights have been great. I haven't woken up as much, have been able to fall asleep sooner, and don't wake up with that weird cloudy feeling like I do when I take other sleep aids. 

Long term effects are not known as I haven't taken the gummies long enough. I wonder, just like with everything else, the longer you take something, the more tolerance is built up, but there is no way of knowing how that will affect me til way down the road. 

Personally, I only prefer to take sleep aids, whether CBD based or not, when needed and not add them into a daily regime, but each person has to figure that out on their own. Winged products are designed to be stackable daily, whether for relaxation, mood, pain, or sleep. 

If you do need something during the day to help with relaxation.. maybe after that super stressful meeting or frustrating experience with your child, then the Dark Chocolate Bites could be for you. Each piece contains 30mg CBD with Maca and 5- HTP. With 24 pieces per container, these supplements are geared towards your mood to combat stress. They are sugar free, THC free, Vegan, Keto Friendly, and contain broad spectrum hemp plus cocoa. 

Take 1-2 bites as needed, and try not to eat the entire container at once! These bites are super helpful for more immediate releases of stress and anxiety, rather than long-term goals, but are still great to help moderate immune systems. I wouldn't say I fell in love with the taste of the bites, but they aren't that bad, and they do their job for sure. 

Winged Wellness products make a great Mother's Day Gift? All of us: moms, aunts, woman everywhere, struggle with stress, anxiety, and sometimes even pain. Having products that will reduce these issues so that we can feel whole and be the best person we can be are super important. 

Winged Wellness products support sleep, pain relief, skincare, stress relief, and overall wellness. Supplements have become a norm to aid in nutrition so it only makes sense that they aid in other immune parts of our systems. Find a special gift for the Mom in your life (or maybe even yourself this Mother's Day) and journey towards healing and wholeness. 

Want it? Get it! 

Shop Winged Wellness for your daily supplements, skin, and body care products to aid in wellness. 

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Do you use any supplements to aid in relaxation and wellness?

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