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Social Sundays

I remember when social media first came out and yes that gives away my age.  I remember MySpace and Facebook before they became what they are today.  I loved reconnecting with people from my past and family that was far away.  Now, I use it to share my blog posts and wish Happy Birthdays to people I don't see at all.  Social media is to keep us social but in person greetings seem to be taking a back seat and has for some time.

I have this coming week off and I am choosing to take a step away from social media.  I find more often than not that I am on some social media platform just scrolling through endless posts of memes, pictures of food, and not really connecting with the people I love. I want to get out and see things and experience things that I have been too nervous to or just scared with the pandemic.  I want to share stories with all of you and pictures of beautiful places.

Today, I challenge each of you to find the beauty outside the computer screen. Tell me what you are doing to build your connections again. Let's be Social on Sundays.

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