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Planning A Holiday With The Girls, All You Need To Know


Getting away with the girls is the highlight of the year for many friends. A time to catch up, kick back, relax and have fun! Careful planning is vital to ensure the holiday is stress-free, so what should you consider?


It's good to decide beforehand everyone's budget to avoid any misunderstandings. Plan an evening with all the participants and discuss what each one can afford as this will determine other factors. 

If you want to be organized, you could create a spreadsheet highlighting the costs of each part of the trip and agree on how much you allocate for each one. Everyone's financial situation is different, so be prepared to compromise a little and retain some flexibility. 


Once you've established the budget, this should help inform your destination choice. Discuss whether you want to stay in the country or head overseas. A foreign holiday is a good choice if you only see each other annually. If you dream of soaking up some sun, how about a weekend in Marbella? Marbella offers a warm climate, great clubs and restaurants, and something for everyone. Marbella is a sophisticated resort and a great place to try on a new party dress and dance the night away with some of your favorite people. For a cheaper alternative, Ibiza is known as the party island. Beautiful beaches by day and a plethora of clubs to try by night. Food and drink are cheap too, so if the budget is small, Ibiza is a great choice. 

If clubbing isn't your thing and you want more of a cultural experience with the girls, how about a city break in Paris or Rome? Rome is known for its historical landmarks and is perfect for exploring due to its fascinating history. You can visit the famous colosseum and dine in one of the many classy restaurants and coffee bars. Rome is also fantastic for shopping, so if that is high on the agenda, Rome is the place to be. 

Paris is the ultimate destination for culture, art, and fashion. If you fancy a little sophistication and class, Paris has lots to offer. You can visit all the usual landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and spend a lazy afternoon at a Parisian cafĂ© enjoying an authentic Fench coffee. 


Transport is dependent on location and numbers. If there are lots of you and you are going abroad, driving isn't an option if you want to stay together. For trips to Paris, you could explore the prices of the Eurostar for speed or the ferry for a cost-effective and more relaxed option. 

If you're going further afield, then flying is the most practical option. Many low-cost airlines offer good deals so do some research to find out what's available. If you live in London, you can split the taxi cost with your friends and hire premierminicabs.com to get you to the airport. They have a handy app and are available 24/7 offering a selection of vehicles. 


Selecting the right accommodation, and opting for affordable accommodation that won't break the bank is crucial for a comfortable trip. If you're planning on traveling around, you may find a self-catering option useful, so you're not tied to select times for eating. Air BnB has become popular in recent years and can provide more accommodation for your money. So if you've agreed to share the cooking and you don't mind food shopping, then self-catering is ideal. However, if you prefer a bit of pampering and you don't want to think about food, then you could opt for a half-board or all-inclusive catering option.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is always the company. With more freedom available than last year, it's time to pack those bags and head off for some fun. 

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