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Not Your Judge and Jury


I sat at the park with my 12-year-old and her friend watching them play on the playground I used to take my daughter to play when she was little. It’s interesting to see the childhood joy with which they play on the playground equipment amidst their desire to grow up. They are on the cusp of puberty and some of the best and worst years of their lives as that childish joy begins to disappear.

Why do we lose that childish joy? Often I think it is because of what we think others think of us and other times it is what they actually say out loud. Judgments.

Why do we let others’ words and thoughts change us? We were each created wonderfully unique with talents, thoughts, and joys that only we bring to this world of ours. 

We should seek out those who build us up and encourage us in those unique things and decide that those who would tear us down cannot speak into our souls. We must also be careful to watch how we speak about others and whether we build up or tear down with OUR words. We are not judge and jury either. It is our job to be the best we can be and encourage others to do the same.

This is my prayer for my girl and her friends...that she will surround herself with those that see her God-given talents and joy, who will build those things up and enable her to soar into the future with confidence.

Who is someone that has built you up and helped you soar? 

How did they build you up?


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