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My #1 tip for being successful


Want to know the biggest tip to being successful in life? Allowing people to help you. That is especially true when it comes to things like moving! If you’ve yet to experience a solo move, save yourself the stress! Do the right thing, and hire movers!

Moving Stressors

One of the biggest stressors of moving is the heavy lifting. The average person can’t afford to sell off their big pieces of furniture before moving, and are left trying to haul them out the door and then fit them on the truck! With so many parts involved with moving, the last thing on your mind is needing to pay attention to how you’re stacking things in the truck. You can easily fill your truck before ever making a dent in your house!

A second stressor to moving is doing all the packing. How do I pack everything so it doesn’t break? Where do I even start packing? How do I label boxes? These are all important questions. After you sort through your things and decide which room to pack first, you still have to go back and clean the room after you pack. Packing is extremely time consuming, and there is an art to packing so that everything stays safe. 

If you’re someone that is moving for the first time and you don’t have a lot of large furniture pieces to relocate, then you still have to worry about wrapping and packing everything you own, and then playing a game of tetris to fit it in a moving truck. Can you even hire people just to load and unload a truck? Thankfully, YES! You can actually hire someone to take away all of these moving stressors.

Relieving Moving Stressors

Now that you see what a pain moving can be, how do you fix it? You obviously can’t avoid it! Whether you’re moving around the corner or across the state, you have to hire College Dudes Help U Move. They send out experienced movers that know all the ways to simplify moving for you, and help you make the most of it! They can handle the packing, lifting, and stacking, so you can stay focused on things that need to be done to finalize your move. While they’re carefully wrapping up your dishes, you can be wiping down your cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about hiring a cleaner for a move-out clean.

Hiring College Dudes Help U Move is excellent if you have large pieces of furniture to be moved. Who can afford to sell off their living room couches for their move? Not me! Plus, there will always be large items that you want at your next house, but can’t manage to lift yourself! They offer Charlotte, NC pool table moving, so you can save your back. Let the professionals handle the big items, and avoid scratching up all of your prized possessions! 

Let College Dudes Help U Move

The movers at College Dudes Help U Move are only a phone call away. Tell them where to be and when to be there. They’re ready to help you wrap, pack, and stack and get you off to your new home! They know how stressful a move can be, and they’re ready to do all that they can to help you feel calm and collected while relocating. Let College Dudes Help U Move do the heavy lifting.

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