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Keeping My Kiddos Safe This Summer With All Natural Goddess Garden Sunscreen #MBPSummerFun21

Thanks to Goddess Garden for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

School is out for summer! 

The school year has ended for my two kiddos and they are pumped up and ready for an amazing summer, filled with endless pool days and freezie pops. What are they called in your area? We have always called them freezie pops!

Now that it is officially summer break, the pool days will be in full swing and the sun is hotter than ever.

You may remember me posting last summer about Goddess Garden sunscreen products and this year, it is a no brainer when it comes to what products my family will use to protect our skin. My boys love the continuous sprays because they are extremely easy to apply! This is my 8 year old son applying the SPF 30 Sport which will run you $17.99 and is water resistant for 80 minutes and formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients. Goddess Garden products are unscented and mineral based which I absolutely love for my family!

We apply the SPF 50 stick to all of our faces before we spend time in the sun. For such a small stick, this sunscreen lasts quite a while. The coverage is amazing and for a mineral sunscreen, all Goddess Garden products absorb effortlessly into the skin. 

The sheer facial sunscreen is amazing for everyday use! Apply this underneath of your makeup every single morning to ensure you have an added layer of protection. You never know when you'll need to spend some time outside and it's just nice to know your face is protected. I like to apply the sunscreen all over my neck and chest too while I'm getting ready in the morning. 

Goddess Garden sunscreen products are affordably priced from $3.99 - $17.99 and worth every bit. Looking at the sunscreen aisle in my local drugstore, I was shocked at the pricing on some very popular, packed with chemicals, mainstream sunscreen. We have these amazing products available to us right on their website that are perfect for the most sensitive skin.

My kids both have very sensitive skin. One is sensitive to fragrance and one is sensitive to everything else and neither have had one issue. I have full trust in Goddess Garden sunscreen products and will be using them all summer long!

I think my favorite product is the SPF 50 sunscreen for babies. I love this one because it's safe on sensitive skin and provides amazing protection. If you're looking for a recommendation for sunscreen this summer, this is my absolute top pick. We have tried so many brands and I'll keep coming back to Goddess Garden! In fact, I love ALL Goddess Garden products including their skincare. Check out their tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 for the perfect amount of light, everyday coverage! 


You can order any of the above products on their website. Also, be sure to follow the Goddess Garden journey on Facebook and Instagram! Thanks so much to our friends at Goddess Garden for partnering with us to share these incredible products with you. We rely on these sunscreen products at the pool and at the beach every single day. My family spends hours upon hours outdoors and if my children get pink, it's because I failed to apply! 
Goddess Garden has YOUR family covered this summer. Here comes the sun - are you ready?



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