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Fed Up with Sweat? Try Carpe Sweat Solutions! #MBPMOMSDAY2021 #REVIEW #STANDUPTOSWEAT


Thank you to Carpe for the products to review. The opinions are 100% my own.

After I had my third child, something happened to my body! I began to sweat...A LOT...everywhere. Then, perimenopause hit! Whooo, did sweat happen and continues to happen. I have been searching for products to help me and have tried quite a few. Here's how Carpe Sweat Solutions held up!

Carpe Sweat Solutions is a system of sweat management products developed to help deal with sweating at the source, no matter when, how, or where you sweat. They work with a panel of medical advisors to develop clinically effective solutions. I received the antiperspirant, sweat-absorbing face lotion, breast lotion, and on-the-go face and underarm wipes. I also received their sweat-absorbing groin women's powder that launches today, May 1st!

Antiperspirant and Underarm Wipes

My 19-year-old son has very sensitive underarms. We have spent years looking for something he can use that won't break out his underarm. We have tried all-natural products and strong products with no luck. We had pretty much given up and he has had to live with the sweat and scent. I thought we would give Carpe a try. 

They use a "blend of strong active ingredient (aluminum sesquichlorohydrate at 15%) with supporting ingredients that range from sweat-absorbing powders to natural eucalyptus oil." The aluminum helps reduce the amount of sweat released by the sweat glands. You apply to clean and dry armpits at night and in the morning. You can apply scented deodorant on top of it if you like, but Carpe has a lovely scent on its own. 

The wipes provide a cooling, refreshing cleanse throughout the day. Anytime you're sweaty, you can use one. My 12-year-old likes to take these to school on PE days to freshen up before her next class. I like to take them on the beach with me, for a refreshing cleanse from the sweat that happens while in the sun.

I am happy to report that my son has been able to use both the antiperspirant and the underarm wipes with success! His sweat has decreased and, best of all, it doesn't break out the skin under his arms! This may be a lifelong partnership with Carpe! I am so thankful!

Face Lotion and Face Wipes

The annoying sweat in my t-zone needed to be addressed! Where my face sweaters at? Carpe has a solution to our problem. It is a gel lotion that is invisible that dries using things like witch hazel and sweat-wicking powders. All you do is add a small amount, it spreads very easily, to your sweaty areas on your face. For me, it is my forehead and upper lip. 

If you wear makeup, apply Carpe first, before anything else, and allow it to dry before proceeding. I don't wear makeup so I used the on-the-go face wipes throughout the day as needed with ease. The best part? You can reapply all day or refresh with their face wipes. It has definitely been a lifesaver as the south gets warmer and warmer, skipping spring straight to summer!

Breast Lotion

Ok, we all sweat there - underneath, in between, or all over -but some more than others, am I right? I am a busty lady and sweat in this area has been a part of my life for almost 30 years! I am in love with Carpe's breast lotion! I use it every day and reapply as needed. It is loaded with natural extracts like witch hazel that gently dry, and powders that offer lasting absorption and wetness protection. This summer it is sure to be my go-to for absorbing the sweat on, under, and around my breasts.

The Newest Member of the Carpe Family - Women's Groin Powder

Be one of the FIRST to order it! Carpe is releasing, TODAY, their Carpe Sweat Absorbing Groin Women's Powder. You will love the white jasmine-scented groin powder! 

Even though we don't talk about the things that happen "down there," we all know it isn't always the freshest place on our bodies.  I have used it for a couple weeks now and enjoy that it smells so lovely and helps absorb the sweat that, let's face it, we all experience there. All you do is shake some into your hands or in the area, and apply liberally to clean skin. I also use it over my underwear to freshen up throughout the day.

Carpe has really helped my family and me with our sweat. In addition to the products I had the opportunity to use, they also have hand, foot, and thigh lotions, as well as groin powder specially designed for men. 

Want them? Get them!

I know you're going to want to try these for yourself, so go ahead and hop over to Carpe Sweat Solutions to look around, or to purchase a gift for mom for Mother's Day. 

Be sure to follow along on Carpe's social accounts, so you never miss news or updates.

Thank you to Carpe Sweat Solutions for partnering with us for this Mother's Day season!


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