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Explore Plant-based Pastas and Rice with Explore Cuisine #MBPMOMSDAY2021 #REVIEW

Thank you to Explore Cuisine for the products for review. The opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't love good pasta? Yeah, me too. Who loves all the carbs that come with it? Yeah, me neither! Explore Cuisine has great choices of plant-based kinds of pasta that are made from ingredients like spirulina, mung bean, chickpeas, and edamame and are rich in protein.

To say we eat pasta at my house is an understatement, however, my husband and I are trying to watch our carb intake and were on the lookout for something that would fulfill our pasta need but not be so heavy with the carbs.  Explore Cuisine gave us those options! 

They have protein-rich alternatives to traditional pasta choices. They provide high amounts of protein and fiber with the lowest level of carbs. While some of the pastas had textures my children did not find pleasing, our favorite was the Chickpea Fusilli! These organic kinds of pasta are sure to please your palate and take the place of any pasta in your favorite dishes! If you want to try something new, they have recipes on their website you can try out.

Explore Cuisine invented a smarter way to pasta with the biggest variety of plant-based, organic ingredients out there. You can explore new tastes, with sourced ingredients from around the world, providing nutritional foods with no added flavors, binders, or gums.

Explore Cuisine gives back! They fund the Food to Thrive Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting farmers and workers across the globe, this program provides education, empowerment, and advancement in farming programs - all rooted in the power of caring.

Want them? Get them!

I know you're going to want to try these for yourself, so go ahead and hop over to Explore Cuisine to look around, or to purchase a gift for mom for Mother's Day. 

Be sure to follow along on Explore Cuisine's social accounts, so you never miss news or updates.

Thank you to Explore Cuisine for partnering with us for this Mother's Day season!


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