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Balance Life With "Ambitious With a Purpose" #MBPMOMANDBABY21 #REVIEW


Thank you to Christian Moon for providing this journal in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

This past year has left everyone feeling confused, tired, and overwhelmed. Plans, Routines, and Expectations have all flown out the window. As we reengage with a "new normal", we will be met with new challenges and new ways of doing life together.  Moms of all ages, but especially new moms, need time to reflect, to adjust, and to figure out how to move with positivity in life. 

Christian Moon, a certified "Mom" Coach, seeks to enliven the balance for moms who want to fulfill their goals and be great moms. She is passionate about helping others find their way despite challenges faced by being a mom. Ambitious with a Purpose is a coaching journal to help moms find their way and rediscover their passions.. and achieve them! 

Perhaps you have lost a bit of your self along the way this past year and need to reclaim your identity, your goals, your purpose. Check out the Ambitious With a Purpose Journal and begin the discovery to your inner self, your goals, and dreams. 

This journal will help new mom, a mom with young or teenaged children with many activities, or even a new- empty nester identify stressors, feelings, and thoughts as each person moves forward to find out their self, their goals, and their own- self worth. Balancing your own identity against that of your children is a difficult thing, so this journal will help remind you that you need to be you and have your own personality and self- identity apart from your children. 

Journaling is a great way to get all of our thoughts and emotions out so that we are aware of what and how we are feeling, and perhaps why we react to situations the way we do. Ambitious with a Purpose will walk moms through those feelings, exploring your self and needs as you journal. 

The Journal has several sections that walk you through all sorts of questions, ideas, and goals. Each section has lined pages to answer the questions, some places include slots for pictures. drawings, and inspirational messages and quotes from Christian. 

Self- Reflection identifies doubts, stressors, fears, and positives in life. The section moves from stressors to happiness, so that one can look at life differently. Ending with identifying goals will help moms move on and start to achieve their purpose. 

Forgiveness: Women in general place many expectations upon themselves and then beat themselves up when they don't/ can't live into those expectations. Moms are especially hard at this because you want to be a great mom to all of your children, a great person, and do all the things in life that you normally do! Forgiveness helps self- awareness move forward.

Relationships can be good and bad. Those relationships that take away your energy, that zap your purpose, that make you self- doubt are not good. This section helps you evaluate the relationships in your life and how they interfere or aid in your transformation and growth. 

Gratitude is hard to grasp when it seems like the world is on shaky ground. Finding ways to seek gratitude, to be thankful, and to look for the good will inspire us to find and live out our purposes more and more each day. When we focus on negativity, we focus on the things that we can never accomplish rather than the joys that life brings. 

Spirituality is an important component of our identities. Identifying our spiritual side helps us understand who we are and who we are supposed to be. We can also identify those things that hold us back: guilt, anger, and fears. Identifying these things helps leads us towards the true Creator, the God who uplifts us and ultimately has a purpose for us. 

Self- Care is mandatory for life. Christian reminds us that "Self Care is not optional, it's necesary." When we give and give and give to others and our families and don't refill our own souls and needs, we become depleted. This section explores self- care habit, the way you engage in self- care, and the ways you can say no to give yourself more time for self- care. After all, we can't do everything and we can't do it on our own! 

Bonus Section: Explore yourself in a year from now. What goals, what purposes, what identity issues have you explore further? What changes need to be made to your goals and purpose? What do you still want or need to work on with your own self- identity? 

Find a new you by using Ambitious With A Purpose to identify your passions, goals, weaknesses, and thought- processes. Finding purpose amid chaos isn't easy, but with Christian Moon's Journal, it will be slightly less difficult. While being a mom is part of your identity, don't give up who you are internally, so stick with this journal to unearth your passions and personal life. 

Want it? Get it! 

Get Christian Moon's Ambitious with A Purpose Journal and start your new journey! 

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