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How to Keep Kids Entertained (Without Screen Time)

 Technology has advanced so much that a 2-year-old child is able to download and play a game on a mobile phone. We have nothing against technology if used with caution, but there are many more natural ways you can entertain your children to make them happy and active. It may be inconceivable for your child to play without turning on the television, computer, or mobile phone. However, it is very easy to show your child that there are various fun ways to play. While you do everyday household chores, your child can have crazy fun and help you at the same time! Remember all those things that you loved to do as a child? We will further refresh your memory. You can spend your time outside in the park but if you prefer playing inside here are some tips to help you with that.


Find some jumping hoops and give them to your kid, not only they will be entertained, but they will also work out. If you don't have jumping hoops at home, don't despair, you can easily make them from everyday materials you have at home. Jumping doesn't have to include hoops, you can make an obstacle jumping horse or some similar things, just make sure it's safe. If you, however, prefer to play with toys, you can buy quality, non-toxic toys and baby products in Singapore.

Make obstacles

Put various obstacles around and in your house, you can use cones or bottles filled with sand or some other material, big toys or any other elements that can be quickly bypassed are also handy. Make a labyrinth at home and have hours of fun. 

Walk on a rope

Put a rope on the ground and set it as a straight or curved line. Show your child how to follow and cross the rope and let him do it. You can use a softer rope and tighten or screw the ends.

Finger painting

Spread an old sheet or tablecloth on the table, give the kids some washable paints that can be mixed with water. Children are more tempted to paint with their hands, so they will enjoy this to the maximum. You should supervise the younger children because the paint is toxic.

Make a home fortress

Do you have to make dinner? Let the child make a fortification from sheets, blankets, and pillows by the sofa or by the dining table If you have more kids, the fun will be even greater.

Car wash

If the weather is nice and you want to wash the car, your kids can help you with that and have fun. You can teach them how to wash their bike or children's plastic car. Give them a sponge, some detergent, and a bucket and the fun can begin. But if it's not warm enough outside for your kid to get wet, fill the sink and let him wash his toy cars. The kids may make a mess and spill water in the bathroom, but they will have a lot of fun.

Buy stickers

Kids love stickers. Buy the kids various stickers and give them a blank notebook to decorate and fill. They can even decorate a paper, and then hang it on the wall. The fun will be even greater if you give your kids some slime.

Singing competition

Turn your living room into a scene, play their favorite songs, have them take a brush, or buy them a plastic microphone and let the competition begin. If it doesn't bother your neighbors, let them shout as much as they want. You can even use a real microphone.

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