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How to Host a Great Pool Party This Summer


With the summer comes the opportunity to have friends and family around for a great pool party. With your pool probably unused since last summer due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, now you have the chance to have an extra-special party that will make you the toast of your neighborhood. This guide is here to help you make this party as perfect as possible. Read on for five top tips. 

Resurface Your Pool 

Before you can even start planning your pool party, you might find that you actually need to resurface your pool. This can be an onerous task, taking around three to five days to finish. That's why, unless you are experienced in this sort of project, it makes sense to look for a Pool resurfacing Orlando company that can do the hard work for you. This will free up your time to focus on the parts of the party that truly matter. 

Keep the Garden Clean 

The second step after resurfacing your pool is to make sure that it is as clean as possible. After all, it's not a pool party if nobody is going swimming. Additionally, have a deep clean-up of your garden in order to make it as welcoming for guests as possible. Whether it's fallen leaves, kids toys or other bits and pieces, make sure everything is cleared off the lawn before you start planning where to put the BBQ. 

Be Generous with the Food and Drinks

After such a long period of social distancing, now is the time to be highly generous in the company of others. That's why it's recommended to have a hearty selection of food and drinks for anyone who attends. Remember that around 30% of people don't drink alcohol, children could be present and other people may not eat meat — so it's worth making sure that you have a wide selection of options that will suit everyone's preferences. 

Pick a Playlist that Will Please Everyone

Pool parties, by their very nature, will be inclusive. The downside of inviting a wide variety of people is that some may not be so keen on a playlist solely comprising hard-hitting techno music or free-jazz classics. Go for a playlist that will please everyone with songs everyone recognizes: maybe even ask people to recommend a song when sending out the invites. You can also take the opportunity to ask about any food allergies.

Don't Have a Dress Code

During the pandemic, a lot of people have put on weight due to being stuck at home. As a result, they might not be comfortable turning up to a party in just swim shorts or a bikini. 

Make sure to skip the dress code this year so absolutely everyone can feel as comfortable as possible when they turn up to your party. What you choose to wear is a completely different matter entirely — it's recommended to go on a big shop before the party so you can look as fabulous as possible.

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