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Do You Believe in Miracles?

I couldn't tell you that I was a true believer in miracles until I realized the true definition of what a miracle was. When bad things happen it is easy to be shaken in your faith and around this time last year, my faith was shaken...that is until someone near and dear to me received a miracle, Easter Sunday 2020.

I believe in a higher power that I call, God.  I pray to him and try to be humble when I pray for help.  I know there are so many requests he gets but when you see one answered so divinely it is hard to be anything less than impressed and floored by what you just witnessed. To protect the privacy of my friend I will tell you their story using only their first name initials so you can hear a miracle.

J, got really sick when covid first hit our area.  When he just wasn't getting better, he went in and was told he had double pneumonia but was admitted to the hospital due to a high fever.  Just a few days later he was diagnosed with covid and his health kept declining. J. had to be intubated and he was medically put into a coma to help his body heal. 
K, his wife, was facing a reality that covid could very well take her husband. All she had access to was calls from the nurses and doctors and the strength to pray.  She couldn't be with her husband and with two young kids at home, how do you prepare for this? K, was granted a one time visit with him to prepare to say goodbye or to pray for a miracle and she prayed. J, had to be resuscitated more than once. On Easter Sunday, J woke up and they were able to remove the intubation and he was able to speak to his wife via zoom.

  A year later J is doing just fine. He is home where he belongs with his wife and kids. This didn't happen to me but I cry when I read the story in the paper or see the news coverage that surrounded this story.  I remember being on a group text chat feeling helpless because we were in lockdown and hugging someone outside your home was frowned upon. I had never felt like less of a human being, but our prayers did what they were meant to do.

Do you have a miracle to share?

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