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5 Ways Neon Signs Can Illuminate Your Home Interiors


If we are looking for something to brighten up our lives then we should consider neon signs as a home décor solution. Those made by Neon Mama, for instance, come in a variety of sizes and colours and display a range of designs and messages to suit all kinds of home situations. Whatever it is you want to indicate to someone, you can do it with a neon sign.

So, let us consider the different rooms and situations where a neon sign could add direction and appeal.

Spare Room

A spare room can also be one where you can go to gather your thoughts and contemplate your next move. Perhaps a place where you can obtain spiritual guidance. Somewhere to pray. The perfect neon sign to accompany this room might be the “Hand of God” neon sign. It represents one hand guiding another. That is, a hand guiding us in everything that we do. It is a comforting symbol and available in 5 sizes from 50 to 200mm. Not only that, it is available in 8 different neon colours to focus on and be guided by.

Dining Room

Why hide your neon sign away in a spare room, though, why not have it on display where everyone can see it? It could have a message to say that your minibar, for example, is “Open” to guests. That is right, we could be guiding our guests at the same time as impressing them. We could be turning our home into a situation everyone is familiar with on a night out and making them all feel at home in such a setting.


When it comes to our kitchen, we often overlook it in terms of décor. It would be pleasing if we had something lighting up that reminds us of a kitchen and makes us smile. As we enjoy drinking coffee, we could have a neon sign that resembles a mug of coffee steaming away and waiting for us to drink it. We could then admire this sign as the kettle is boiling, and then when drinking our coffee, as we think of being inside a café and enjoying our drink there. This might not be possible in an actual café in a pandemic but you can recreate the experience inside your home with a neon sign.

Living Room

When we watch certain movies, we see neon signs and situations lit up at night. For instance, the neon sign of the “Coco Bongo” nightclub in Jim Carrey’s early movie, The Mask. Who can forget The Mask and Cameron Diaz performing their dance routine to an accompanying swing band? In Breaking Bad, there is the sign for “Dog House”, which exists in real life. The neon sausage dog represents a drive-in fast-food joint. The romantic movie Moulin Rouge also makes use of lots of neon lighting. Why not have the signs to accompany the movies that we watch?

In terms of what kind of movie-related neon lighting we can buy to remind us of our favourite movies, if you are a Star Wars fan, you can purchase the head of Darth Vader in neon lights, for instance. That would make a great addition to any home movie setup. It would be impressive for specially-invited guests to see and also make a nice ambiance for you just watching a movie alone with the lights down.


After the late-night movie, it might be time for bed. What could be better than actually having a neon sign in your bedroom that says “relax”. It would make you feel relaxed looking at it. You can have it in a relaxing colour and look at it before you go to sleep.

So, with so many signs to choose from, there must be one for us. A sign that can light up our life, makes us feel happy, and impress guests that visit our home. There is surely room for one in every home, if not a place for a neon sign in several rooms. The variety of colours available will suit any mood, from inspiring us to making us feel romantic or relaxed. Signs can also be customized to suit different tastes and interests. Check out this custom neon sign maker.


  1. We have one in the dining room. Looks really awesome!

  2. hey ya. i luv neon signs.they're so nice.i've wanted 1 4 the longest x.:(


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