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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- It's Officially Been a Year


Happy Saturday,  friends. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the first day of school closures due to COVID. At that time I, like many others, was convinced it would be a short break. Now, we are here a full year later, and man I have learned some things. The biggest and most valuable lesson being 
I don't mean physically, of course, I mean emotionally/mentally. Don't get me wrong-there were stretches of time over the last year when I cried "for no reason", I questioned if we were making the best choices for our family, and I just plain missed the freedom of going to the grocery store or visiting my Gram. 

With every bit of discomfort I have felt over the last year, it seems, I have also been growing as a person and becoming a stronger version of myself. As we are slowly adding more of our "normal life" components back into our daily routines, I am growing more and more comfortable letting go of the parts of my old routine that no longer make sense. 

So, while I wouldn't necessarily say I am celebrating today, I will say I am going to focus on some of the things I can appreciate about our personal experiences over this last year. 

Have a spectacular Saturday! 

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