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Top 5 Birthday Gifts Guaranteed to Elicit Her Smile


Gift giving is often a compilation of the complex and loving feelings of gratitude, generosity, and endearment. Add to this your heart felt desire to please, create joy, and celebrate the recipient’s interests, and passions, and you have created an opportunity for embracing a powerful bonding experience.  

What She Really, Really Wants

Birthday gift shopping can be daunting.  Deep thought focused on: her likes, loves, the things she does during her “free-time”, and other personal preferences, demonstrates your effort to articulate your heart felt feelings. To relieve the enormous gift-shopping-stress, which accomplishing this monumentally, significant task generates, take a breath, and read on.  This curated list of Birthday Gifts for Her, is designed to re-confirm your connection, and show appreciation for her, to elicit blissful delight.

The Birthday List – “Her Happiness Gifts”

  1.  A Timeless Piece of Jewelry – If she is into fashion, and loves being stylish, but doesn’t follow every trend, or cover herself in labels, she knows the ultimate secret of wearing apparel. Establishing her own unique style with little details, that enhance any clothing, is self-expression at its most fashionable.  Gift her with:

Timeless Jewelry -

  • A strand of perfect pearls 

  • A long gold or silver necklace

  • A monogrammed bangle bracelet 

  • Stacked finger rings with her birthstone

  • Hoop earrings (medium sized)

  • Monogrammed signet ring

  • A gold watch

  • A tennis bracelet (faux diamond, or real) with a guard chain

These pieces never goes out of style, and always compliment her specific aesthetic.  Taking notice of the jewelry she wears now, and adding something special, yet similar, will show your loving admiration for her excellent taste and fashion wisdom. 

  1.  Birthday Gift Baskets –  Women love to receive gifts in baskets, boxes, towers, and other beautifully designed packaging, filled with favorite cravings. Birthday gift baskets for her, offer a wide variety of delicious treats for her refined and discriminating taste, and sensory delights, which sooth, and relax her, as she indulges in self-care.  Choose from:

  • Gourmet wine/chocolate treats *engraved and personalized 

  • Seashell spa relaxation collection bath bombs and lotion

  • A tower of snack stashes (pretzels, popcorn, dried fruits, and nuts)

  • Gourmet cookies/teddy bear twosome

  • Bakery treats and red wine combinations 

If the lovely lady in your life has refined tastes, and is knowledgeable about the art of food prep, and wine/food pairings, then she qualifies as a gourmet. If she is stressed, relaxation baskets, overflowing with facial masks, lotions, essential oils, and more, destress and delight.  Adding the elements of personalization, or engraving, favorite scented candles, bath oils, and the foods she loves to salivate over, adds to the magnificence of these gifts.

  1.  An Organic, Soft, Knitted, Weighted Blanket - She lives and thrives in the real world. It is stressful. You want her to be well and rested. An organic, cotton, weighted, pre-washed blanket, that feels as good as her favorite go-to T-shirt, crafted from naturally breathable organic cotton, is a win, win.  Weighted blankets stimulate the body to secrete serotonin, for happy feelings, and melatonin which helps her stay asleep longer. The chunky-knit look is not only warm, and lovely, its chic, buttery soft, feels like being hugged, and it’s good for the planet.

  2.  Wireless Earbuds -  If you admire her work out ethic, and love of fitness, wireless earbuds are a way to support the active lifestyle she seeks. For fitness or travel, the newest designs will offer:

  • A “stay-in-place” design made for motion

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Multiple features and functionality

  • Sweat-resistant materials, made to last

  • All notes, and the bass in music, every word of an audiobooks, all while exercising,

  • Attractiveness, they look like ear candy, and are comfortable

  • Eight hours of battery life

The prices of wireless earbuds are now reasonable, and so worth it, if she is into any kind of fitness, or constantly traveling. The lack of wires will give her the freedom she craves, and an improved range of motion. The memory, and multi-functionality is better than ever.  She can play “your-song” repeatedly, whenever she is, and think of you, often.

  1.  Coffee Lover’s Specialty Brew Maker - Women love coffee, more than men, according to research.  They are devoted in good ways, and with all the various, delicious varieties of beans, and methods of crafting coffee, making a cup-a, that is uniquely suited to her taste buds, is a good thing. Get her a specialty coffee maker with:

  • A 50-ounce glass carafe

  • Cord length of 2.5 to actually reach the wall plug

  • Multi-functionality to brew rich, coffee concentrate for lattes, macchiatos, cappuccino, and other tasty creations

  • 6 brew sizes, single cup to half carafe size, for both of you, and more

  • A fold-away foam-feature for silky smooth milky art/taste alternatives

  • Cold brew features for iced coffee without the watery taste 

She will think of you often, as she crafts her version of amazing, delicious coffee. It will improve her day, increase concentration, and provide a boost of energy when needed. From cold brews to expressos, with every swallow, she will be inspired by your thoughtfulness.

Love - Like the Wind, Unseen, but Felt

Thanks to technology, the plethora of pleasing gifts await your perusal, in cyber space.  Your special, loved person is unique, and deserves a gift that celebrates her presence in your life. Pick a gift that demonstrates your special knowledge of what is important to her. Your thoughtfulness will exponentially build a bridge to the kind of connectivity that happiness creates.

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