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How We Stay Active as a Family


Thanks to two years of taking the anti-depressant Lexapro, I put on some unwanted weight. It's a common side effect of these types of medications, despite how active you are, and how healthy you eat. As hard as it is to admit, I was carrying around an extra 15 - 20 pounds when I discovered I was expecting new baby #3. My plan to pick back up with low carb and Keto lifestyle changes wouldn't fit in very well with trying to grow a healthy baby. I actually really enjoy low carb eating, but it isn't always easy to stick to when you're the only one in your household following such a plan.

While I do plan to keep making smart and healthy substitutions in meals throughout my pregnancy, I know I really can't cut carbs out- they're important, and will be even more so when breastfeeding this new baby. While I'm trying not to focus too much on my weight right now, I am trying to make sure that I am staying active- even on the days when I am exhausted and don't feel like working out.

Choosing to exercise does require effort and discipline. It's something that I did every day for years, and loved the results. With crazy schedules, two kids, one on the way, and a husband who wants to work out with me, but whose schedule doesn't always line up with mine, I have to choose to look past the obstacles. Some times that means exercising at 5 am, when everyone else is still sleeping. Other times, it means claiming a tiny window during the day and just doing it when I can do it.

The Whole Family Loves to be Active

Pilates has always been a favorite form of exercise, but many of the exercises aren't safe during pregnancy. I do the ones I can do safely, and try to add in a little prenatal yoga, which is amazing for strength, flexibility, and reducing stress. Speaking of yoga, my youngest (soon to be middle child), is obsessed with Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. She practices yoga daily and I am so proud of her for getting into such a wonderful habit at such an early age.

My oldest loves dancing, and dances for at least an hour every day. He might be doing Fortnite dancing, but hey- those dances are hard, and you won't see me trying to do them anytime soon... or ever.

My husband loves walking, hiking, and biking. I'm not a fan of biking, but don't mind hikes when I'm in good enough shape to keep up without complaining too much. Our last hike together had us caught in a bad thunderstorm on top of a mountain. Always an adventure when we're together.

Since the weather has been nicer and warmer, we've been enjoying more family walks together around our neighborhood. I know that once the baby arrives he or she and I will be walking a lot!

Staying active is just one of those things we try to be really good about doing. Sometimes we stroll through the neighborhood, or sometimes we take bikes and scooters to the park so we can ride around the little lake. However we move, we love to do it together when we can.

How do you stay active?

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