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Give Your Kids the Coolest Easter Yet with Fun Fillers and Toys from We Cool Toys!


Thanks to We Cool Toys for providing me with samples. All thoughts are my own.

Ready for some colorful Easter fun? It's definitely a different Easter than those of years past, but thankfully, we are able to celebrate Easter with our bubble this year. Last year, it was just the four of us, and it felt very different. This Easter we're bringing the fun back with coloring Easter eggs, a family dinner, followed by a fun egg hunt. One of the best parts about Easter after we've spent the morning at church, is being together as a family, and watching the kiddos enjoy opening their Easter Baskets.

Finding cool things for Easter can be sort of difficult. We don't like to give our kids a lot of candy. In fact, I try to keep the candy to a minimum. We go with small toys, new pajamas or clothes, and fun activities. Thanks to Covid, we're also now including items like hand sanitizers, face masks, and soaps.

Check out these cool Easter basket ideas from We Cool Toys!

Easter slime, anyone!?

We Cool Toys knows a thing or two about keeping kids entertained. From slimes, art kits, activity kits, and  soaps! We were sent the Fluffy Cloudz Slime Egg from Compound Kings, and cannot wait to play with it!

Compound Kings Fluffy Cloudz Egg is an ideal slime set for boys and girls aged 4+. Our soft, colorful slime is stretchy, non-drying, non-sticky, and helps boost your child’s imagination by encouraging manual play over screen time. This set will be shared by our 10 and 4 year olds, and I can already tell that they are going to have an absolute blast making their own slime varieties. I'm so happy that this will be able to entertain them over spring break! This set is just $19.99.

Crazy Clean 20 Second Soap

Want a super fun Easter egg filler? These adorable little soaps are individually wrapped and can be taken on the go! Crazy Cleanz 20 Second Soap is powerfully formulated to kill bacteria & germs on contact within 20 seconds of handwashing. Each package contains 24 individually wrapped colorful Crazy Cleanz Soaps.

Crazy Cleanz 20 Second Soap are individually wrapped making them convenient for killing germs on the go!

Crazy Cleanz 20 Second Soap makes hand washing more fun! Even fussy kids love using our cool colored soaps that are safe and effective in killing germs.
Grab a 3-pack of these for just $9.99!

Crazy Cleanz scented hand sanitizer is so yummy-smelling!

I think I have given my kiddos sanitizers for every major holiday in the past year. At first thought, we might chuckle at the idea, but when you think about it, it's a practical and needed gift. When my son asked to pick out his own new hand sanitizer when we were shopping together recently, I knew this was a trendy item to have at school, too. 

Crazy Cleanz Hand Sanitizer is made of a unique formula of 62% Ethyl Alcohol that is powerful in helping reduce bacteria on contact yet gentle for use on delicate hands.  

There are several scents such as Berry Swirl, Frosted Strawberry, Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, etc. These scented hand sanitizers are convenient for use at home or on the go. The handy size is ideal for little hands to use at home, school, office, workshop, camping, or on the go. They clip right onto a backpack, and are great for kids, since they're not at all sticky. You can grab a 3-pack of these for just $6.50.

Want them? Get them!

Want to fill baskets with these cool products? Head to We Cool Toys to shop for these and more!
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Which We Cool Toys do you think your kids would love?

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  1. These are all great ideas. Compound Kings Fluffy Cloudz Egg sounds like a fun one for kids!


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