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Create A Warm And Inviting Entry For Your Home With Infinity Custom Mats #MBPMOMSDAY21

Thanks to Infinity Custom Mats for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

About once a year, usually after the winter season comes to an end, I begin looking for a new front door mat. I've had to do this every single year since we purchased our new home back in 2015. 

I realized a pattern was forming. We have three entrance doors from our large, wraparound front porch. The main entrance door is the place we prefer showcasing a beautiful mat for guests. As we would replace a mat, I would move the worn mat to a side door that is less used and eventually each mat is rotated into the trash. I cringe to think this process has happened no less than five to six times since we moved into our home. 

As the current cold season is coming to an end here in sunny North Carolina, I began searching for a brand new front door mat. However, this time, my search had new incentive. I was on the hunt for a mat that would not need to be replaced when a season ends. I wanted a mat that I could customize, a mat that would withstand children and puppy paws and present a beautiful aesthetic to guests!

When I first saw Infinity Custom Mats on Etsy, I was immediately intrigued by the extensive selection of mats presented in beautiful photos. I had to find out more! As I began to read about Dan and Kristen Jones' mission, I felt as though I had found the perfect mat for my home. Not only are these two kind, generous and incredibly talented, they also have a wealth of knowledge about the production of these amazing products. 

What sets these mats apart is the high-def, precision cut, inlaid design. These mats are NOT printed which means they will NOT fade with time and weather. They are made with an all-weather material that will not mold, mildew or shed and an anti-slip backing which helps the mat to keep it's position. You can read more about the construction details on the homepage of their Etsy site. Just look for this beautiful display header and you'll know you've found the right page:

If you can dream it, they can customize it! The mat I chose, though not customized with my family name, fits my family perfectly. We like to use fun terminology, pet names and spice up the English language with fun twists and turns. "Hello Sunshine" is something I say to my children so when I saw this mat, I knew I had to inquire!

This beautiful rug starts at $99.

I couldn't love our new door mat more. I'm so excited for friends to be welcomed into our home with this beautiful mat! Even more than that, I'm thrilled to no longer spend hundreds of dollars, year after year, on door mats that will inevitably become worn after one season. No more shedding, staining or slipping. If you're in the market for a beautiful, custom front door mat, I would absolutely recommend checking out Infinity Custom Mats. Send Dan and Kristen a message via their Etsy shop and see what they can create for you! 

Want It? Get It!

With Mother's Day approaching, a beautiful front door mat would make the perfect gift. You can place an order from their Etsy site and also be sure to visit them on Facebook and stay connected. Look for Infinity Custom Mats in our upcoming Mother's Day Guide, along with other amazing gift ideas!



  1. They have some really pretty door mats.I love the nice quality!

  2. These mats look wonderful! I would love to get a customized mat for my front door.

  3. those r nice. i luv the 1st foto.the fancy door & wreath r so stunning.


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