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Can I Get a Bail Bond with No Money?


So, let's get locked up, and you don't have the cash to post bail. What will you do? In this situation, don't panic. If you've been detained and need to leave jail as soon as possible, the first thing you should do is reach out to a reliable bail bonds company. Spending time in prison can be stressful, especially if it's your first time.

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With help from a bail bonds agent, not only will you leave jail fast, but you won't have to worry about the cash to post bail. Several bail bond companies, like bail bonds san pedro operate 24/7. So, you can trust the companies to assist you should you find it challenging to post bail quickly. 

During emergencies, there is a chance that you may not have the cash to post bail. In this situation, it is essential to speak to a bail bond agent to understand your options. When situations are challenging, you don't have to despair even if you don't have the set amount to post bail. But since you will be looking to leave jail fast, you need to understand the process and your options. 

Understanding Bail Basics

If you've never been arrested, then you are not aware of how bail is set and paid. In the United States, the legal system will assume the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Since you know this, the law allows defendants to return to living their everyday lives before the case is heard in court. If this is not possible, there is a chance that the individual could be behind bars for several months. 

Also, the government will not dismiss the case before it is heard. So, they will make sure the defendant doesn't leave town by posting bail. If the defendant attends the court hearings and adheres to the bail terms, they will get their money back. On the other hand, if they don't follow the conditions, bail could be withdrawn, and the accused could be locked up in jail until the case is settled. 

Knowing How Bail is Set

Before bail is set, a judge will look at the following aspects:

  • Nature of the felony

  • The chances that the accused will leave town

  • The accused's criminal record

  • Does the accused pose a threat to people? 

  • The accused's finances

After bail is set, you will have the chance to pay the total amount, hire a bail bonds agent or offer the court property.

What Do You Do if You Can't Post Bail?

If you are asked by the court to pay a specified amount and lack assets to offer as collateral, you might be released on a PR Bond, Own Recognizance (OR) Bond, or Signature Bond. 

Own Recognizance (OR) Bond

The OR bond will be granted if the judge proves you are not a threat to society. Your case will be reviewed, and if the felony isn't serious about allowing you to spend time in jail, you may be released. Also, they will need to be sure that you will attend court hearings and adhere to the terms of the bail. 

PR Bond

For defendants who have a criminal record but have not been involved in serious crimes, a judge might offer you a PR bond. The PR bond will come with conditions such as going for therapy sessions or crucial classes to improve behavior. As long as you adhere to the terms of the bond and attend all court sessions, you don't have to worry about spending time in jail while the case is pending. 

Signature Bond

If you don't pose a threat to society, and the judge sees you as an individual with a sound mind, your lawyer might help you get a signature bond. It is similar to the Own Recognizance bond, and it will not need payment. 

If you are arrested and the judge doesn't grant your release with the bonds mentioned above, you will need to reach out to a bail bonds company and understand the other options. But if you don't qualify for bail, can't pay a lawyer, or can't pay a bail bonds agent, you might spend time in jail and wait for your court hearings. You could speak to an attorney and evaluate your situation. If it's your first time being locked up in prison, you will have to accept the fact that you have a criminal record.  

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