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8 Spring Activities for the Kids


If your kids are getting a little restless, fret not! Spring is just around the corner, so there are a ton of fun activities that your kids can partake in. Here’s a list of 8 indoor and outdoor spring activities you can do with your little ones. 

  1. Have an Easter egg hunt

Searching for Easter eggs filled with candy or small toys is a fun activity for any kid. Whether you do this at a park or inside of your home, your child is sure to enjoy this. Egg hunts have become a popular spring tradition, and kids always have a great time. 

  1. Go fly a kite

Almost every kid loves to fly kites. The sense of freedom and wonder as they control something soaring through the air is a unique experience. You’ll get bonus points for finding a diagram for one online. When you do, print it out and make your own. 

  1. Go to a museum

If you are having trouble keeping your kids entertained, try taking them to a museum. It can be a rewarding and fun experience for both of you. The best museums out there have engaging exhibits that will inspire your kid and help them to learn in a non-traditional way. Go to a museum that you both will enjoy. If you are just as excited as your child to learn, they will treat learning as something fun and not a chore. 

  1. Go on a hike

Help your child enjoy the great outdoors with a hike. Allow them to experience nature by visiting your closest nature preserve, so they get a glimpse of the world outside of your city or town. No matter the difficulty of the hike, it’s a great way to get some exercise. If you have really little kids, it may be tough for them to enjoy a hike. Look into easy hikes or trails wide enough for a stroller. When outside in nature, why not enjoy it in style with a trucker hat for kids

If they really liked the hike, you can take it a step further and take them on a camping trip. It’s a great way to disconnect them from their screens and the stresses of life. 

  1. Get them painting

Buy a blank canvas, paper, and paints to get those creative juices flowing. Let them paint whatever they want, or if you’d like a little more structure, there are plenty of art courses online that can walk your kid through the basics of art while engaging them. 

  1. Go bird watching

Grab a pair of binoculars and take them outside to get a glimpse of your local birds. It’s a great way to help your kid to be more aware of the nature that surrounds them. Better yet, buy them a bird journal, so they can draw sketches and take notes on the various birds they see. It will expose them to the beauty and diversity of nature and help foster an eye for detail. 

  1. Sign up for spring sports

During spring, there are numerous sports you can sign your kids up for. Baseball, soccer, and tennis are just starting up, and there is usually a basketball team every season. Sports are a great way to teach your kids how to cooperate with others and how to cope with failure. 

  1. Take them Stargazing

If you don’t mind pushing back their bedtime a little, now might be a great time to invest in a telescope and take a look at the stars. Upcoming astronomical events this spring include a supermoon on April 27, two meteor showers in April, a lunar eclipse on May 26, and a solar eclipse on June 10. 

These are just a few activities that you and your little ones can enjoy this spring. Remember to drink lots of water as the weather warms up! 

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