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The Top Campsites For Families

Camping as a family can be a challenge. Everyone wants to do something different and finding a campsite that satisfies everyone is hard. However, have no fear as we are here with a list of the best family camping spots. 

Surround Yourself With Nature
At heart, camping is meant to allow one to submerge themselves within the beauty of nature. Allow yourselves to enjoy the tranquil scenery and bask in the fresh air. 

Jerusalem Farm (Booth, West Yorkshire)
Jerusalem Park is hidden within one of the most scenic wooded valleys in the Pennines. The view here is extraordinary and awe-inspiring. It’s the perfect place to introduce children to nature and its treasures. With the wide variety of plants and animals here, your family is sure to learn something new. 

This place is not without its fun either. With the trails available, Jerusalem Park is the perfect place for families to go on strolls or bicycle rides. There’s also a riding school nearby if families wish to try their hand at horse riding. Lastly, there’s also a rustic adventure playground for families to have fun. With both beauty and fun accounted for, Jerusalem Park is definitely a choice location for families. 

Price: April - September: £5 per adult per night, £3 per child (5  - 15 years of age) per night 

Younger Kids? No Problem! 
These camping site picks are suitable for families with younger children as the activities there specially cater to children and keeping them entertained. 

Red Shoot Camping Park (New Forest, Hampshire)
Red Shoot is a park that is best suited for families with young children. The owner, Jaqui Oldfield, is a mother herself and recognizes the needs of families. Her camping park thus seeks to cater to such needs. Firstly, her park is huge. With 100 pitches possible, this park is one that leaves children and families with lots of room to run and play about. This large venue also means that families will not be overlapping with one another, even in the most peak seasons. This park also has exciting activities for younger children to partake in. The play area itself has a fireman’s pole and swing bridges for children to climb on. 

If families wish to leave the park for other activities, Red Shoot is also close to other excellent attractions. These attractions include the Marwell Zoo, Monkey World, Liberty’s Raptor and Reptile Centre, and finally, the New Forest Water Park. 

With all these activities, parents no longer have to rack their brains for ideas on keeping their children entertained. Entertainment choices are found all around Red Shoot and children are sure to have an amazing time here! 

Prices: March - October:  £15 -  £25 per pitch per night (for two adults and a vehicle),  £4 per child (ages 3 - 15) per night. 

Adventures Galore 
If camping is a family favorite, then chances are that your family would enjoy a camping ground with lots of adventure possibilities. This is especially so if you have older children who want to satisfy their adrenaline addictions. So, here’s a camping ground with tons of thrilling activities. 

Ardgartan (Arrochar, Dunbartonshire)
Ardgartan is the perfect place for your family if thrills and fun are what you are all looking for. At Ardgartan, thrill-seekers can fulfill their adrenaline addictions with the availability of water sports, mountain biking, and tall mountains. All this fun can be achieved whilst being surrounded by the most astounding beauties of nature. 

The fun doesn’t stop just for your older children though! Ardgartan also has a variety of fun activities that are well-suited for younger children. There’s crab fishing at Loch Long or playing on the onsite children's playground. Harmless wildlife like birds and dragonflies are also around for children to observe and chase around. 

This site is open the entire year and a cool tip is to remember to bring your insect repellent, especially during the summer months. 

Price: £11.50 0 £25.50 per night per pitch (for two adults and a vehicle), £4 - £6 per extra adult per night, and £2 - £3.50 per child per night. 

Family Bonding Time 
The ultimate motive for family camping trips is, of course, to bond further as a family. This is especially important for busy parents who often use such times as opportunities to relax and have fun with their children. Finding a camp with facilities and activities that support such a motive is thus ideal. 

Gwithian Farm (Hayle, Cornwall)
For a great time of family bonding, the Gwithian Farm is the perfect place to be. This farm hosts the perfect facilities for a family camping trip as a family bath and shower rooms are available. There’s also available food deliveries by a mobile chippy and a curry van, so you don’t have to spend your precious time preparing and cooking if you don’t want to. This also has the added benefit of leaving families with more time to spend together. 

From the farm, families can also walk to the nearby beach and enjoy a fun day together. Here, families can have a picnic, build sandcastles or engage in games of volleyball or frisbee. A day filled with the beach and the sun is definitely a great way to bond. At night, the nearness of the beach also adds an added element to the camping experience as the sound of the lapping waves lulls campers to sleep. 

In summary, the Gwithian farm serves as the perfect camping grounds for a family bonding trip. There are not many readymade activities here, however, this only leaves more opportunities and time for families to create their own unique memories. 

Price: April - October: £12 - £20 per night (for two adults plus a vehicle), £5 for every extra adult per night, and £2 per child (3 - 17 years) per night. 

Arthur’s Field (Treloan, Cornwall)
This is another campsite well suited for family bonding activities. Unlike our previous recommendation, Arthur’s Field is filled with numerous activities for your family. At Arthur’s Field, children are given the opportunity to feed the onsite farm’s chickens, guinea pigs, pigs, and rabbits. The campsite owner, Deb, also guides and teaches them to collect eggs from the chicken’s enclosure. This is a hands-on activity that is sure to appeal to the younger crowd. 

Arthur’s Fields also hosts other interesting workshops and activities. For example, campers can join willow working, charcoal cooking, and various other workshop activities. On Wednesday evenings, there’s also a special gathering where all campers can come together and socialize around the campfire. Onn such evenings, storytellings, poetry recitations, and barbeques will occur. These gatherings are a great time of fun and enjoyment and not to be missed! 

If your family desires exclusive time to yourselves, there are also nearby beaches or coastal walks for your family to embark on. In essence, Arthur’s Field provides you with all possible family bonding activities and is sure to be a win with your entire family! 

Price: Open all year; £13.50 - £21.50 per pitch per night (for two adults and a vehicle), £3.50 per child (4 years and above) per night. 

These family camping spots and camping sites in the UK are sure to be a hit with your family. So, be sure to book a stay at any of the options here if you’d like to spend some quality time camping with your partner and kids.

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