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5 Useful Tips for Simply Slaying in a Plus Size Dress


Plus size fashion has come a long way, breaking the stereotypes and bringing new trends to the forefront. The fashion industry that used to be dominated by skinny and thin bodies has been quite open about their acceptance for the curvaceous and plus size figures as well. The plus size dresses 2021 collection has a myriad of trendy dresses that will not only compliment your figure but also give you the desired confidence. 

Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you want to simply rock the plus size special occasion dresses—

  1. Empire Waist is the Best

Having a fitted bodice that starts draping just under the bust, empire waist dresses are the most flattering choices for plus size women. The notion of a raised waistline also adds an elongated appeal to your frame which introduces the perfect balance between the upper and lower halves of the body. It also gives a gorgeous shape to your voluptuous bust. 

Choose from these designer plus size evening gowns with empire waistline —

  1. Prints & Patterns Are Your Friends

There is a very common misconception that plus size women will look even larger in dresses having prints and patterns. That’s why most women try to go for solid neutrals such as black because it is believed to be a “slimming” colour. Nothing could be more wrong! Prints and patterns are, in fact, advantages for the plus size women because they create an interesting illusion that can have a flattering appeal and draw the attention away from the form. 

Check out these plus size long formal dresses with gorgeous details — 

  1. Fitted Silhouettes Aren’t Bad at All

Another popular myth that the plus size fashion industry had for years was that fitted dresses aren’t really appropriate or flattering for plus size curvy women. The truth is quite the opposite of this. Fitted plus size cocktail dresses or plus size prom gowns are the best choices for a figure-flattering look. The silhouette defines your curves by hugging in the right places and makes you look absolutely spectacular. The popular choices are sheath, trumpet and mermaid dresses. Be careful while choosing the neckline and fabric, because that's what can make or break your look. 

These are the trending fitted plus size prom dresses of 2021:

  1. Good Lingerie Is Very Important 

Good lingerie is not just fashion and comfort, it’s so much more than that. It provides adequate support to your assets and keeps everything in place so that when you finally put on your favourite gown, it all works out perfectly! Corset inner-wear can be mentioned in this respect. It helps to give a proper shape to your figure so that you can go with any dress (any style) you want. 

  1. Heels Are Flattering!

If you are a plus size woman who wants to look nothing but flattering, choose heels over every other footwear. It gives an impression of longer legs, and thus, adds an elongating effect to the whole frame. In other words, it makes you look more slender, almost like a perfect hourglass. 

Choosing the perfect plus size dress isn’t a big deal but making it work like one of your best items in the wardrobe is the challenge. That is where the above tips will come in handy. The latest collection showcases a variety of plus size wedding dresses and plus size formal dresses featuring a variety of styles and designs that will make you look particularly ravishing for every party of 2021. 

Happy shopping!

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