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Why you should Teach your Kids How to Sew

 If you are like many parents or childminders, the ongoing pandemic has made it even harder to try and keep children entertained. The easy solution is to hand the child a smart device so they can stream their favorite shows or play games, but there is a long list of physical and mental problems because of too much screen time. To help reduce the spread of the virus we are told to stay at home, so most children are not allowed to go out and socialize with other kids. So, for long hours throughout the day, your kids will be around the house which is not easy.

All this free time indoors can be used to learn a new skill. Sewing has once again become extremely popular, and it is a great skill for a child to learn. 

Sewing will teach a child lots of new tools and habits. There are plenty of physical, mental, and educational benefits when learning how to sew. It allows a child to get creative and teaches them how to fix something, like a button that needs to be sewed onto trousers. Learning how to sew will teach a child discipline and work ethic. 

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Learning how to play the guitar or a sport is a great way to improve a child's motor skills. If music or sports is not their thing, sewing is a fantastic alternative. 

Lots of kids have issues when they have to do a specific task with their hands. This is normal in most cases, however, if the problem is untreated, they might struggle with their hand coordination in the future. They might have difficulty handling tools or writing. 

Sewing requires precise hand movements, which will help improve your child’s fine motor skills. Children who sew know how to use their fingers and when they need to move their hands. The better they get at sewing, the easier it gets for them to hold and use smaller items. 

If your child gets good at sewing by hand, they should have no issue learning how to sew by using a sewing machine. There are a lot of sewing machines available, and you can purchase a refurbished machine to help save money. There are plenty of kid-friendly machines available online that help teach children the basics. 

Learning to Sew Helps build a child's Confidence

In the beginning when a child is learning to sew they might struggle. As they improve and start to get the hang of it their self-confidence will improve. Children tend to look for praise and acknowledgment, which is something they will get from sewing. After they have created something new, or perhaps fixed something, they will have a sense of accomplishment which is important for their self-confidence. 

A child will notice that when they first started they struggled, and after practicing they realized that they could master it. This will help a child trust their own capabilities. When your child wants to learn another skill from scratch in the future they might go in with more confidence after their experience on learning how to sew.

Sewing will allow your child to do something Creative

Sewing is a great skill for children as it allows them to use their imagination and helps them to create at the same time. Kids tend to have an incredible imagination and sewing can help put it to good use. 

As adults, we sometimes find it difficult to think outside the box. Children on the other hand can be very creative. If your child comes up with a crazy idea of what to sew, let them take on the project. At first, it might sound like a terrible idea, but who knows, it could turn out to be wonderful. Allowing your child to experiment with their own ideas gives them freedom and is a way of allowing them to express themselves. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can get your child to customize his or her own swing tags. This way they can put labels on all their own clothing items. 


Not only is sewing a great skill to learn for children, but it is also an opportunity for you to educate them on kids who are not as fortunate as them. You can explain how children their own ages in Second and Third world countries are forced to work long hours for very little pay in factories. How these children don’t have access to education and have very little food to eat. Learning sewing might help them to get a better understanding of the world.

It might also help them understand that they don’t always need to spend money to get what they want. Kids tend to look at big labels as something they need, but hopefully, their new skills will teach them to view all labels differently. That they can create themselves, instead of spending lots of money on well-known brands.

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