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Beautiful Personalized Kid's Clothes Delivered To Your Door With Kidbox + Coupon Code #Review #MBPHGG18 #UnpackHappy #KIDBOXBFF

Thanks so much to Kidbox for partnering with me and providing product to review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

Probably like most of you, I am a sucker for monthly subscription boxes! I'm not even bothered when I see advertisements pop up on my Facebook feed that show boxes being opened. I WATCH THEM. I enjoy it! I love looking at the pictures of the goodies inside. Is there anyone else out there, like me? There must be, because subscription boxes are FIRE right now and I am super excited to share with you about my newest favorite!

Let's be real for a minute. We are women. We are busy. We work inside of the home, outside of the home and sometimes both. We care, clean, cook, cuddle and collapse. Who has time to spend half the day perusing the mall shops anymore?! I do not. If you do, you may be my new hero.

Kidbox is a subscription box that handles this for you. It is a seasonal box that sends your kiddos clothing! It is also special to me because you have the option to choose to keep (or not) every item that is sent your way and if you do keep it all, Kidbox donates to a cause of your choosing. How awesome is that? You guys know I like working with brands that give back and Kidbox is no exception. 

When you register with Kidbox, you create a style profile which allows you to customize your kiddo's specific style and likes. If you hate plaid, you do not need to receive plaid. Personally, I love plaid on my two little guys as you can see!

This is one of the outfits my 1st grade guy received and it paired so well together! I'm digging the stylish outfits that were sent to him. Both of my boys were sent their own individualized box and Kidbox got it right. My oldest is a bit on the picky side, so the simple, classic pieces he received were perfect. Here he is about to dig in to his box!

He was a little overwhelmed at all of the goodies inside! He actually said to me, "Wait, all of this is for me?!" YUP! Goodies, clothing and a box that doubles as a coloring book (did I mention they include crayons?!) is all for your kiddo if you sign-up with Kidbox.

I love how the contents are so nicely packaged. Kidbox even sends a "squishy" toy for your kiddo! 

The contents of my older son's box are mostly classic items with splashes of color. That's because of the way I filled out the style profiles. He prefers a style that is a bit less flashy. He loves his basic denim pants and khaki denim pants as well. He can even wear those to school as part of his uniform which was an unexpected bonus for this mama! Also, yes, he is my subdued clothed boy and yet he is sporting a tie dye shirt while opening up his box. He's lucky I (and Kidbox!) know his particular, specific style!

Speaking of uniforms, if your kids wear them, you know they also wear other clothing every evening and weekend. I am a uniform mama (happily so) and STILL found myself needing fall clothing options for my guys.

The above box was geared toward my younger son who is mostly wearing size 6. Because my guys are both VERY slim, I appreciate the adjustable waists on the jeans. These styles will work really well if your kiddo is a bit on the husky side as well. We have room to grow in our items, for sure. He LOVES the "cool" tee. The blue "camo" pants have a drawstring that is a fashion detail and non-functional so he will need to grow into those a bit since they cannot be made tighter. If I wanted to send those back, it would be easy as pie, but he loved them too much!

I'm really happy with the quality of the denim. The stylish details these jeans have will usually come with a top dollar price tag. However, you will receive multiple brand name items in your box with style for days, all for one reasonable price (see my key points break down below). The adjustable waist band runs all the way around on the pair on the right and on the pair on the left. it is just the individual sides that pull snug. I like both options for adjustable waists and do not have a preference. The pair on the left originally costs $55 which already is more than half the cost of the entire box and you're getting SO much more.

Do your kids love a jacket? Mine do. My guy has worn his new Reebok jacket every single day since opening up his Kidbox! It is a size 6 and fits my 6 year old boy perfectly with slight room to grow. PERFECT!

Now that I've shared with you about my experience, are you ready to check out Kidbox for yourself? Before you do, I have the check-box info you're going to want to know beforehand:

*These are seasonal subscription boxes (Spring, Summer, Back to School, Fall, Winter)

*Kidbox will ask you if you would like to receive the next box before sending it and you can opt out

*Try on everything in your box at home and simply return what you do not want within 7 days (sizes range from 2T - 16 for boys and girls)

*Shipping and returns are free

*If you do not return any items, you will be charged $98 for your box and Kidbox will donate to a charity of your choice

*A baby box (sizes 0-24 months) is available at $68

*A Kidsentials box is also available for $30 (socks, underwear etc.)

*The value of the items inside the box GREATLY exceed the cost of the box

*Skip the shopping rat race and have your kid's clothes delivered to your door

Want it? GET IT!

Kidbox is offering a 15% discount to the first box ordered and fully kept with the code: Mommysblockparty! This is awesome and I hope you'll take advantage of it!
Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for cool pictures and updates!

Lindsey Lou's Final Thoughts: Kidbox makes my life easier. I fill out a survey and a stylist designs my child's box based on the information I provided. I never have to leave the house. Within a few days, a box arrives to my front porch and I can keep everything within it or return what I do not want and only be charged for what I keep. This company is charitable and provides high-quality items to me fast and efficiently. TWO THUMBS UP!

Thanks again to Kidbox for this amazing partnership. My kids have enjoyed their boxes and are looking quite handsome in their new gear!


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