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Swimming pool landscaping and maintenance tips


Having a piece of landscaped paradise by a swimming pool in your backyard is affluence, not all can afford it. Still, depending on most factors that come with its design, it also comes with a major responsibility.

All pools are built differently. With everything searchable on Google nowadays, it's all but natural to emulate and imitate landscaping ideas for pool areas found on the internet. A subtle word of warning, not every landscape design works in every backyard.

It is always best to consider your choice of landscaping design to match the pool's size and shape, as these factors dictate the level of complexity in maintenance procedures.

Indeed, owning a private oasis to bathe and frolic in requires an equally demanding upkeep and maintenance process; otherwise, you risk health and safety concerns that will likely manifest soon enough.

Mucky pool water can cause all sorts of issues, from clogging up the filters to being a breeding ground for harmful bacteria - you need to put a stop to that. If you've got a pool which requires a lot of upkeep such as Concrete, you'll need to scrub down the sides of your pool on a weekly basis to prevent scum from building up. If you're in a position where you're unable to find time to clean regularly, it might be worth consulting expert pool installers, such as Pinnacle Pools and Spas, in order to see if you can get a pool fitted which requires a lower level of maintenance, such as a fiberglass lined inground pool.

Keep your pool water moving, always.

However different in design, shape, or size, keeping your pool sparkling clean doesn't have to be as cumbersome as you might think. Remember that swimming pools have a common denominator, water.

Water when kept immobile for lengthy periods, turns stagnant and ultimately becomes the breeding ground for all sorts of disease-carrying bacteria. Here's a quick three-step check;

  1. Check the presence of unwanted algae in the water.

  2. Check on your pump house and see if the system pump is okay.

  3. Check your drains and filters.

  4. Sift through algae growth and physical clogs, if there are any.

A swimming pool is made up of a circulatory system with several parts that complement each other's function. In this system, you will find the skimmer, the pump, the filter, and the jets. Each part with a particular integral function that will keep your water quality safe for use. In a nutshell, if any of these significant pieces is impeded, your water quality will likely suffer.

It does not have to be complicated. Keeping your pool clean is imperative for health and proper sanitation. When hiring a pool builder in Minneapolis (or one in your area) for installing your pool. they should give you advice on keeping your plumbing and drains free from obstructions or material clogs to help in the upkeep of your pool water. Whenever possible, have your system checked by an accredited pool builder or maintenance professional.

In Brisbane, you may call on Eco Pools. They have experts that respond to any type of swimming pool concerns on the fly.

Choose your pool landscape wisely.

A well-designed pool landscape is always aesthetically pleasing. However, keeping up with themes can also lead to problems for your swimming pool and to those who use it in the long run. Planning what goes into that landscaped pool garden is essential for carrying out proper care and maintenance periodically.

Choose the right set of trees and plants that can grow into the foliage that perfectly matches your desired theme and supports a healthy and sustainable ecosystem around your pool. When strategically located, plants can dampen the sound emanating from within the pool location and provides for audio and visual privacy for the most exposed areas of the pool. Whenever possible, add features that don't require much maintenance, like stones, brick patios and walkways, and gravel or mulch.

By all means, go for a themed poolside with a perpetually healthy garden of plants and trees, but also consider having plants and trees that do not shed so often, and in doing so, remember to place it in safe proximity away from active areas of the pool and its system.

The landscape design surrounding your pool greatly affects the frequency of the periodic maintenance it needs. Skimming dried leaves out of your pool water daily can become so tedious that when it does most of the time, it leads to the maintenance of the pool and the surrounding landscape going kaput.

Creating a truly gorgeous, private backyard oasis with a responsive landscaping plan not only adds functionality and textural beauty but does so without causing extra maintenance and the headache that comes with routine care.

Get the balance right.

There are three elements to balance in the chemistry of your swimming pool water. These elements are pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels.

It is vital to keep these elements in constant check and balance to keep your swimming pool safe for use. The levels of acidity in your pool water are measured in pH levels.

The baseline to aim for a proper pH level in pool water is between 7 and 7.6. If the water pH is higher than 8, anyone who swims in the pool is at risk of contracting skin rashes, while a pH of lower than seven can sting swimmers' eyes.

Wrong pH levels are not only harmful to the ones using the pool but also to the pool itself. Once the pH level is too low, the water will tend to have a damaging degree of acidity. This acidity in your pool water composition can cause corrosion on the pumps and fitting connections, which in the future may reduce the machine's service efficiency.

An imbalanced pH level of water also affects the pool's finish. Mosaic or tiles can be adversely affected in the long term, causing discoloration and roughness.

There is more to owning a swimming pool than meets the eye. Having one for your own pleasure is a privilege not everyone can afford. It is essential to take care of the landscape by more than just looking out for fallen leaves, skimming debris off the top, or the usual manual maintenance.

It pays to remember that proper periodic maintenance always helps to restore the pristine and pure condition of your swimming pool.

Following the basics as mentioned in this article can only alleviate the overwhelming responsibility that maintaining a pool entails.

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