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Staying At Great Wolf Lodge During A Pandemic For My Son's 10th Birthday

My son recently turned 10 and I knew I had to plan something big for such a momentous birthday!

During a pandemic, would we be able to plan a special birthday for our sweet little boy as he enters into double digit territory? Is it possible to give him a memory that he will carry with him forever? 


It was not only possible, it could not have been easier. I wasn't sure what to expect when I logged onto the Great Wolf Lodge website. Where we live, we are fortunate to have a GWL just twenty minutes away. However, as you may know, this does not mean we frequent this somewhat expensive establishment. This is our second time at this location and my two young sons have been begging to return!

If you're wondering if Great Wolf Lodge is an option for a family excursion during the pandemic, I highly recommend giving it a go. They have spent a great deal of effort to ensure the facilities are clean and have a mask protocol in place. 

I decided to splurge a bit and book the Wolf Den room for our kiddos with a queen bed for mom and dad. The website was offering 40%, much to my surprise! I booked one night and opted out of the pricey add-ons. If you've ever visited GWL, you'll know they offer add-ons that vary in price per child and will rack on extra bucks quicker than you can say GREAT WOLF. By opting out, we saved some money and felt much more comfortable spending money on the buffet breakfast the next morning. However, the add-ons are a must-try if you haven’t before! Opting out allowed for us to buy our son a couple extra gifts that he was much more excited about!

We also decided to give the water park restaurant a try and order lunch. We were SO pleased with the food! Not only was it hot, crispy and delicious, we also were able to score a free meal since they gave us the wrong food order. We called it a "birthday miracle" and that wasn't the only gift we received during our stay. 

The next morning as we were seated for the breakfast buffet, our super sweet waitress got a little mixed up and ended up moving us around a bit before finally seating us where we needed to be. Because of the shuffling about, she offered to give us a free buffet and again, we dubbed it a "birthday breakfast". What an amazing and unexpected blessing. Of course, I would never expect for either of these things to happen ever again, but for our stay, it provided a couple of special moments for our sweet boy. They also gave him a birthday pin and bracelet to wear during his stay. You can pay extra for an actual "birthday package" which may seem a bit over the top to some and we opted out this time but I would love to try that in the future. I knew I could save money to bring along our own birthday goodies!

Before our stay, I stopped by 5 Below and stocked up on treats and goodies that this mama usually steers clear of, but for the big 1-0, anything goes!

I also wrapped up every single gift that was sent in the mail from out-of-town relatives and brought along all of his gifts to be opened inside of our lodge room. We sang, "happy birthday" and enjoyed watching him open all of his gifts.

I'm not sure I'll get used to having a 10 year old anytime soon. The little boy that made me a mama has been in my life for a decade. He is one of the most unique and special individuals I have ever met in my entire life. What's even neater, knowing he's also that for many other people in his life as well. 

My life changed forever the day that I discovered we would be welcoming a little boy into our world. I understood the gravity of that calling then, and even more so now. Even now, as he greets me every morning with a hug and a smile, I am reminded that being his "mama" is a gift I will open everyday for the rest of my life. Ten years and a blink. 

Beautiful son,

May you always remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you.
May you never forget that you are unconditionally loved.
While you are growing into this older kid that I do not recognize some days, may you stay young in your spirit. May you grow tall, love big and break down walls. 
You're going through stuff. You're growing up. It's not going to be easy. Your mama is not going to let the not easy parts get in the way of your smile. I will pursue your smile. I will pursue your friendship. I will pursue your heart until the day I die and my prayer is that you will pursue God's. 
He's got a HUGE plan for your life. I feel it in my very core. 
You hate all this "fuss" over you and wish it would all go away. Sorry to tell you, it never will.
You were born into the wrong family if you were hoping for anonymity and normal. 
Thanks for letting me dance with you, sometimes. Thanks for teasing me. Thanks for letting me in your world. I promise I'll always want to be here. 
Here's to the next 10, babe!



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