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Save Time with These Tips from Professional Cleaners


Regularly cleaning your home is highly important. The problem is, not many of us have the time to thoroughly clean the house ourselves. The trick is to find a fast and efficient way to clean. Luckily, there are easy hacks you can try to save a little time when cleaning. That way, you can devote time to other things at work or with the family.

Finding professional cleaners New York is easy to do nowadays, with the internet and all. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the cleaning time and again. Make your tasks easier and save time with these tips straight from professional house cleaners. 

1.Start with the easy stuff.

Never make the mistake of immediately tackling complicated cleaning tasks. You’ll get motivated to clean faster when you start with low-traffic areas. Heavy traffic areas include bathrooms and kitchen, so don’t start with these. It’s wiser to clean the living room or dining room first to build up momentum. 

2. Use the dishwasher.

Surprisingly, the dishwasher isn’t only for washing plates and utensils. It can effectively and effortlessly clean the following as well: range hood filters, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and dish drains. Just put them on the top shelf and run the dishwasher.

3. Steam the microwave.

Cleaning the microwave can be a  daunting task. The sight of grimes and stains inside the microwave can easily put you off. Don’t worry; there’s a  trick. Just fill a mug with water, put it inside the microwave, and heat up for 2 to 3 minutes. This will soften the residue inside the microwave, making it easier for you to wipe them down. Putting some lemon will also freshen it up.

4. Use a squeegee. 

No one likes cleaning the shower and tub. It takes time and a lot of effort. The trick is to keep these areas as clean as you can. The solution is to use a squeegee and do some cleaning after a bath or shower. Using the squeegee, just wipe the sides and walls of the tub and the floor to send the shampoo and soap residue down the drain. Keeping this habit can save you a lot of time in cleaning the bath. 

5. Keep the vacuum well-maintained.

Your vacuum is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your house, so treat it like one. Give it a tune-up. It cleans better and faster when it’s well-maintained. At least once a month, clean your vacuum for maximum efficiency and suction power. Clean the rotating brush, wipe the inside of the vacuum, and change the bags. A yearly professional tuneup is also recommended.

6. Clean from top to bottom.

Shake everything to the floor: the crumbs, dust, dirt, pet hair, everything. Clean from top to bottom. When you wipe the lampshades, bookshelves, curtains, and other stuff in the house, the dust and dirt will just go to the floor. Services like curtain cleaning services can get the job done for you. All you have to do then is to vacuum everything on the floor. Easy-peasy. Better yet, get professional cleaning services like the ones offered by DLL Cleaning Services.

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