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Living with Childhood Asthma and Looking Toward Better Respiratory Health with OMRON Nebulizers


This is a sponsored post on behalf of OMRON. All thoughts expressed are my own.

When I was pregnant with my son (my first child), I hoped and prayed that he would not inherit mine or my husband's allergies. My husband has horrible seasonal allergies, and I suffer from seasonal allergies, as well as animal allergies. In short, I figured it would be a nightmarish combination for a child to have to live with. I forgot, however, that so many other members of our family (on both sides) suffer from allergy problems, and my sister has asthma and hay fever, along with many other allergies.

B's allergies showed themselves early on in his life- severe allergies to animal dander (worse with dogs and rodents), followed by seasonal allergies (pollen, trees, nut pods) a little later on. By the time he reached the first grade, we began noticing slowed and troubled breathing when playing outside and decided to talk to our family doctor about it.

'Does anyone in your family have asthma,' I remember our doctor asking. I piped up to let her know about my sister, whose asthma is so bad that she carries an inhaler and uses it often. I recalled a trip to Missouri when we were kids, visiting my grandparents' farm, where my sister nearly had to be hospitalized due to her horrific asthma and hay fever. 

Knowing how serious this had been for my sister (and still is), I feared for my son and wondered how we might best care for him and tend to his respiratory health in the best way possible. Our doctor listened to our son's chest, noticed a wheezing sound, and diagnosed him with asthma, prescribing an inhaler, as well. We knew the diagnoses shouldn't have surprised us, but my mommy heart felt heavy for my child. In the following days, we researched childhood asthma in an effort to better equip ourselves for the road ahead. Our son's good health and wellness was, and still is our top parental priority.

A few years have passed since our son's initial diagnosis, and the asthma seems to come and go with the changing seasons and temperatures. We live in the south, however, and while this fall/winter have been cooler than usual, we cannot and should not rule out warm and humid days, even during this time of year. It's been a very wet past twelve months in North Carolina, and the wet and humid air makes it harder to breathe for all, especially for asthma sufferers. And what about the added issue of having to now wear face coverings? PE and recess, while happening outside, still have the kids required to wear face coverings as they play sports and games- again, while protective, makes it harder for B to breathe easily and participate in the fun.

I've looked for ways to help ease my son's labored breathing here at home. Sometimes the inhaler is impractical, or just doesn't cut it, and we need a handy and effective solution that we can manage without having to visit our doctor's office. We're doing our best to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor now more than ever.

Thankfully, I was introduced to OMRON Healthcare, which offers an impressive line of prescription-grade nebulizers, which can easily be used at home or on the go. I had previously heard a lot of my mom friends talking about doing breathing treatments at home with their children, using nebulizers. I was instantly intrigued, but at the time, I didn't realize that such a product would be so needed by our son.

Since OMRON is a leader in the portable nebulizer industry, and their products are FDA-cleared, as well as prescription-grade, I felt like I could trust their products, and decided to ask my son's doctor if we could get a prescription for a portable children's nebulizer to try at home. Our doctor (who we absolutely love) was keen on allowing us to try this method to help stay on top of B's condition. Ordering our nebulizer was incredibly simple through JustNebulizers.com. I tend to be a very anxious person, and knowing that we had the holiday season to get through (including a beach vacation), I couldn't wait to have the nebulizer from OMRON in hand. I wanted to take it along on our vacation to use after indoor swimming when B's breathing tends to worsen after swimming in a sauna-like environment. We are trying out the Portable Mesh MicroAir Nebulizer which is compact and portable enough to take it with us wherever we go.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about our experience with the nebulizer, and how it came in handy while we traveled. I'm also looking forward to sharing more about OMRON, and why they are my first choice for respiratory health products for my family.

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Does someone in your family have any asthma experience? 

Have you ever used a nebulizer or thought about talking to your doctor about the possibility of trying one?

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Stay tuned for my next post, in which I will be sharing all about our family's experience with our OMRON children's nebulizer.

Wishing you good health and happiness!

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