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Keep Your Pup Happy And Safe With The Bully Buddy From Bow Wow Labs

Thanks to Bow Wow Labs for providing product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

Since entering the world of owning a large breed pup, I quickly discovered the magic and also potential danger of the bully stick!

Had you asked me what a bully stick was before adopting a Doberman into our family, I may not have known fully how to answer that question. However, I soon realized that bully products would become a life saver for our growing pup (and us!). 

The main problem with bully sticks and bully chews in general is the risk involved when the chew gets to be a few inches in length. Most dog owners understand the hesitation and nervous feeling when their dog has a smaller piece of bone or bully chew in their mouths. The possibility for choking increases and no one wants that!

The owners of The Bully Buddy had a similar scare which prompted the desire to create a tool that dog parents can use to ensure their beloved pup would not choke on the remaining small piece of bully stick!

The Bully Buddy from Bow Wow Labs is an incredible device that secures bully sticks with screw-twist technology. It's the answer to the dilemma that so many of us dog parents had but didn't realize a solution existed. If you haven't purchased The Bully Buddy yet for your pup, do not wait another moment! 

Being a first time Doberman Pinscher owner, I was a bit naïve to the dangers involved with swallowing and choking. I've since learned so much and consider myself to possess a wealth of knowledge about this topic! This is why I'm excited to share about The Bully Buddy so that you too can learn about how this amazing product helps to prevent choking while also providing hours of entertainment for your pup.

You'll want to choose a bully pack that suits the size of your particular dog. Shown in the picture above is the XS Starter Kit which costs $43.95 and comes with everything you see: 5 sticks, a storage jar and Bully Buddy device.

Because my dog is over 80 pounds, we opted for the XL pack and our friends at Bow Wow Labs were kind enough to send along the starter kit for me to try! I will definitely be using our new Bully Buddy from here on out. The bully sick is secured in place with a screw-twist on the end, which holds the stick in place. My pup was able to hold the Bully Buddy with her paws and enjoy chewing on her stick for over 30 minutes straight before becoming sidetracked with another activity. 

These bully sticks have no added chemicals, are made from grass-fed, free-range beef and consist of a single ingredient. They are 80% protein and you can re-purchase bully sticks from Bow Wow Labs as  your pup chews through these yummy treats. 

You can find bully sticks all over the internet and while some are very high quality, there are many that simply do not make the cut. I feel safe feeding my pup these amazingly high quality bully sticks from Bow Wow Labs and will be purchasing replacement sticks in the future!

I've also been loving the jar that is included in the starter kit! It has an air-tight seal and keeps it's contents incredibly fresh. When my pup finishes her bully sticks, I plan to store any other dog treats I have in this jar as well.

I really could not love The Bully Buddy more and I only wish I would have discovered it sooner! I no longer feel nervous when my puppy is chewing the end of her stick and could potentially swallow and choke on a piece that is too large. With there being a size from 15 lbs. all the way to over 100 lbs., you're sure to find the right size for your dog. The Bully Buddy device itself is durable and "chew-proof" as I like to call it! It is vet-approved and BPA-free. 


You can easily head over to Bow Wow Labs and pick up your Bully Buddy starter kit. When you run out of bully sticks, simply purchase extras and keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come. You can also check out Bow Wow Labs on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay connected for future deals. For my dog, and I'm sure for yours as well, nothing but the best. They give so much to us their entire lives. It's the least we can do for our special, furry children!



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