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Pregnancy pillows are specially designed pillows that can make your pregnancy easier and a rather comfortable experience. You can hear people telling you about their experiences and tips to go through with your pregnancy but nobody stresses upon the importance of comfort that is provided by the chiropractic pregnancy pillows.

To get your hands on the best chiropractic pregnancy pillows you need to weight all the pros and cons, but you do not need to go through that hassle yourself, as Mattress Firm Pillows has conducted an in-depth research on the best pregnancy pillows.

Why Get a Pregnancy Pillow?

A growing belly means you have limited safe sleeping positions. During pregnancy, side sleeping is considered the safest position for sleeping. While it’s obvious why you can’t sleep on your belly, sleeping on your back is also not advisable because it can compress a major vein that brings blood to your baby. Thus, side sleeping is the only remaining option when you go further along in pregnancy.

Side sleeping, however, will increase pressure on your back and hips, which leads us to the importance of a pregnancy pillow. These pillows are designed to support the parts of your body that are strained more during pregnancy like your back, belly, or knees. Using a pregnancy pillow not only prevents pains and aches when you wake up but also helps you stay comfortable all night. 

Choosing a Pregnancy Pillow
Here are some things to consider when looking for a pregnancy pillow:

Size. This would depend on how much room you can allocate in the bed for the pillow. Pillows can range from standard pillow sizes to those that can hug you.

Material. To make your sleep even more comfortable, find something with a cotton cover. The Sobakawa Pillow, for example, comes with an unbleached organic cotton pillowcase and is filled with organic, hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls.   

Shape. Depending on what parts of your body need more support, you can choose the one that’ll give you a more comfortable sleep. If you’re fond of switching sides during sleep, you may sleep better with a U-shaped pillow, which would make switching sides simpler.

Pregnancy Pillow Options

Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes and sizes and as everybody’s comfort needs vary, they prefer different shaped chiropractic pregnancy pillows. Here you will come across all the different shape and length options that are available to you and their uses. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in.

U shaped Pregnancy pillow:

Back aches are a part of your daily routine when you are pregnant, but with a U shaped pillow you get the best support and the utmost level of comfort. Its unique shape gives you proper spine alignment that prevents your back from experiencing strain or ache. Further, it can also be used to relax your legs and knees and relieve pressure points. Not only does it prove to be useful during your pregnancy, but a U shaped Pillow can also be used after your baby is born, while breastfeeding.

C shaped pregnancy pillow:

Body support is vital for your comfort and during pregnancy you are faced with issue including body support and body pains. With a C shaped pillow you can support your legs, belly, head and back. It provides you with a rather holistic support for most part of your body and hugs your curves perfectly. However, if you are looking for perfect back support, you may go for a U shaped chiropractic pregnancy pillow.

L shaped pregnancy pillows:

Here is the good news for side sleeper moms! It can be immensely hard to sleep on your side while pregnancy, however, sleeping on your side is highly recommended to the new moms as this position facilitates a better circulation of blood in your body. This huge pregnancy pillow can prevent the pressure on your neck and back and allow you to rest in a comfortable manner. Usually, many people experience muscle tension as well, and this L shaped chiropractic pregnancy pillow provides just the right level of muscle relaxation.

Wedge Support Pillow:

With a rather small size, this particular pregnancy pillow is designed to lift your belly and support your bump. It is a perfect option for you if you are looking for spine and hip alignment to overcome the pain.

Full length Pillow

Tall mothers, here comes the good news! Full length pillows are the longest pillows that can be used either to facilitate people with long heights, or it can be used to wrap you inside it. This chiropractic pregnancy pillow ensures that your body is fully supported by the pillow so that you do not experience pain.

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