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My Buddy and Me: The Back Buddy Support Pillow #Review

Thank you to Mom's Essentials for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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For moms who are expecting, back pain can come on as early as the last few weeks of the first trimester. I am in my 17th week of pregnancy, and am already experiencing some pretty uncomfortable aches and pains- especially in my back. It's funny how I never realized how unsupportive our furniture is before! Since I work from home, I work at the dining room table a lot- I work from my laptop, and sit wherever I feel most comfortable. With the pain in my back, I have been searching for support pillows that would help me sit up straight and alleviate back pain, even when I'm relaxing.

Not too long ago, I learned about Mom's Essentials. Laura Kardos, mom of three, founded Mom's Essentials in 2011. Laura is a natural childbirth instructor, and breastfeeding advocate. With the help of her husband (who just so happens to be a chiropractor), she created a fantastic solution to a common problem associated with pregnancy- back pain. The Back Buddy Pillow is a back support pillow, which offers ultimate comfort and support.

I was excited for the opportunity to try out the Back Buddy Pillow for myself and put it to the test!

Back Buddy is available in lots of beautiful prints. I decided to go with the Gia print, with is gray with white circles. Our baby accessories will be gray and white, so I figured this would be a great start! I love the print, and the overall design of the pillow.

Back Buddy came packaged in a zip-plastic protective cover.

As I removed the Back Buddy from the packaging, I was excited to run my fingers over the soft fabric.

The shape of the Back Buddy is wonderful. It's thick, and it's shaped to fit the curves of the body- giving support to the neck and head, and the back. I have been using Back Buddy when sitting on the couch, and in bed. Since I get tired so easily at night time, I tend to work in bed after I get our 5-year-old to sleep. I keep Back Buddy beside my side of the bed, so I can quickly and easily grab it, and place it behind my back. It's so comfortable to lay against. I feel supported, and my back is straight, though my instinct is almost always to let my shoulders slump forward- terrible posture.

Back Buddy is a great size- big enough to cradle your body, but not too large!

Back Buddy is an awesome travel companion. I have already taken it on two trips, and plan to take it along on the next one, as well. It gives me the support and comfort I so desire when I want to sit up, sit back, and relax, without having to lie down. The cover is easy to wipe clean. I plan on continuing to use Back Buddy after I have the baby, when I am nursing. It'll be nice to have the extra support for my back, while my arms are supporting my precious little love.

Everyone in the family loves Back Buddy!

Back Buddy isn't just for expecting mommas! Back Buddy is perfect for anyone who could use a little extra support. My dad reads and works from his laptop in bed a lot, and I would love to get him one of these for Christmas, as he's had back problems in the past.

Back Buddy Support Pillow - Gia
Back Buddy Features

Back Buddy Support Pillow with 100% cotton printed base cover (not removable). Removable slipcovers are sold separately and available for around $45.00.

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Back Buddy is such a life-saver. I highly recommend Back Buddy for any mom-to-be, or new parents, kids, or back pain sufferers. Know someone who is recovering from illness or surgery? I will be so thankful to have the Back Buddy pillow after my C-Section. I plan on bringing this pillow to the hospital with me, and using it to help support my aching back at home as well.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Mom's Essentials to learn more about Back Buddy, plus to grab info on pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. Connect with Back Buddy on Facebook, and Twitter.

Special thanks to our friends at Mom's Essentials for allowing me to experience and share about this must-have product for pregnancy and beyond!

Take care...


  1. This is a really nice product to get and use to support my back! I like that it has such pretty slipcovers and I like the blue polka dotted color the best.


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