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An Electric Spin Scrubber From HOLIFE Has Me Excited For Spring Cleaning

Thanks to Holife for sending product for review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

When I purchased my home over five years ago, I quickly realized that our extra tall shower would be difficult to clean. After years of arm cramps and struggle, my husband and I finally are able to clean our shower with ease and precision!

To be honest, I just didn't realize products like the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber existed until recently. I usually commission my extra-tall husband to scrub the fully-tiled ceiling of our master bathroom shower. Now, he is an excellent sport and doesn't mind doing so one bit. In fact, he cleans a ton and equally manages our household cleaning responsibilities with me. However, when it comes to scrubbing shower tile, we need all the extra help we can get!

Our friends at Holife sent over this Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber for us to try and I didn't know what to expect but soon discovered that our lives just became worlds easier. This product is worth every penny at just $59.99! 

The proof is in the grout in this case! This photo is a huge deal for me because our shower grout has had stains like this for quite some time. I could literally take before and after photo of every place in our shower with stains and marks. Once I used the spin scrubber, the stain disappeared SO quickly that I had to do a double take.

So far my favorite feature is the adjustable handle because it eliminates the need for maneuvering your body in a position that will inevitably cause cramps and pain. I'm not as young as I used to be! With a simple click, I can adjust the angle of the head and stand comfortably while scrubbing. Check out some other amazing features:

【21-inch Adjustable Brush Handle 】to scrub and clean hard to reach corners without bending, especially healthy for back pain and arthritis;
【3 Replaceable Scrubber Brush Heads 】The power scrubber brush head is resistant to mildew and bacteria which can prevent from moisture for Tub, Tile, Floor;
【Extra-wide flat brush head】is used to clean large flat surface area, like patio furniture;
【Small flat brush head】ideals for cleaning smaller areas free of soap scum;
【Round Bristle head】 is perfect as a concave cleaning brush for bathtub or sink;
【Corner scrubber head brush】 great for cleaning grout, edges, corners and tight places;
【2*2150 mAh battery】Powered by rechargeable battery,last continuously up to 50 mins after only 3.5 hours fast charging,The highly sealed design makes it also resistant to splashing water and can be used under wet condition.

【Noise (100cm): <70DB (Environmental noise: 45DB)】

I absolutely love the different brush heads that are included with this scrubber. The corner scrubber is perfect for hard to reach corners. This scrubber does ALL of the work for you. I watched as I moved the scrubber along the tile in my shower and saw stains disappear before my eyes. In the past, I've always had to use products with bleach because of the way our well water stains our tile so quickly. However, I'm thinking I will not have to do so anymore. I may be able to clean using an all natural cleaning agent (which is what I prefer) and achieve amazingly clean results. 

Did you know that you can use this spin scrubber in other areas of your home other than the shower and bathtub? It is perfectly equipped to handle any job that requires a scrub! I'm sure I will be using mine in other areas of my home as well. Another feature that I love is the rechargeable battery system. I simply plug it into the wall and when it's fully charged, I store the scrubber until it's time to use again. 

It comes with a very handy hanging clip that I have not tried out yet but am thinking about doing so when I decide on the best location. I have nothing but positive remarks to say about this product and hope that you'll check it out too. Whether you have a tall shower like mine with difficult to keep clean tile, or a standard tub without grout, the Spin Scrubber will make your bathroom cleaning job so much less stressful. I'm actually looking forward to scrubbing my shower now and I never thought I would utter such words. 

With spring time approaching, most of us will open up the windows, feel the breeze and get that itch to clean out the winter blues! Be prepared and snag this product to help with the job. You can even get your kids in on the action. 

You can pick up your Spin Scrubber at the Holife website or on Amazon. Make sure to check out Holife on Facebook as well

Special thanks to our friends at Holife for partnering with us! We are passionate about sharing products and companies that we love, with you, our amazing readers. Happy cleaning!



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  1. This is really nice. I love that it is adjustable and has rechargable battery. I need this in my life!


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