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Why Buying a Water Filtration System Is a Smart Decision


When most people think about the importance of clean water, they think about drinking clean water. What they forget is that water is used in almost everything we do on a daily basis. Things like showering, and cooking all require clean drinking water. 

What’s funny is: The Earth is blue because of how much water is available. But only a small percentage of it is drinkable.

Your local government might say that your tap water is safe to drink because it goes through a water treatment facility. And yet, it is always a good idea to have a water filtration system at home. Why? 

The water treatment facility does treat the water to make sure that it is potable. But there is a chance that the water can pick up contaminants after it leaves the facility.

For this reason, most people think that it is better to have a private well. That way, they know that their water supply is not being treated with chemicals they don’t know. But even in this scenario, you will most likely need a water filtration system because your well water contains too many impurities causing an unpleasant taste or distinct smell.

At the end of the day, we all want to have peace of mind that we are drinking safe water so we can focus on other things in our lives. And having an advanced water filtration system at home is the best way to do that.

But, if that doesn’t convince you, here are some more reasons from WaterMasterz why you should get your own filtration system:

1. Minimizing skin conditions

Most people don’t know this, or don’t think about it when they are drinking water: Having heavy metals or chlorine or fluoride in your water can cause or aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Children are especially prone to this.

2. Reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases

I don’t know about you, but gastrointestinal diseases sound unhealthy. And not knowing that the water you are drinking is a 100% safe definitely increases the chances of you having to deal with one of those diseases sooner or later.

It is known that you can find several microscopic organisms that live in water when it is not properly treated. Not just that, even parasites can be contained in that water. Having your own filtration will help to make sure that you don’t need to spend even one second thinking about what it is that you’re drinking when you’re drinking water.

3. Drinking safe water every time

Think about what happened in Flint, Michigan. Their water was being treated but even then the residents saw an incredibly high amount of lead coming from their tap water. It is known that excess lead causes issues with brain development in children.

And it is not just lead, the water treatment facilities use chemicals like fluoride and chlorine to treat the water. You don’t want that coming into your home. 

On a side note, if you prefer drinking bottled water instead of tap water, you should get ready for some disappointment – almost all the companies that sell bottled water use the same water treatment methods as you local government. And many bottled waters don’t originate from an aquifer or similar sources anyway. Many bottled waters are just tap water filled into a bottle.

So you might not be drinking better quality water with that either.

Having your own advanced water filtration system makes sure that you know exactly what is happening with your water supply and that you are drinking safe water.

4. Being prepared when disaster hits

The best way to make sure that you can get through a disaster like a hurricane is to prepare for it.

Let’s say that a sewer line bursts near your house and it is contaminating your drinking water. Are you going to switch to drinking expensive bottled water until the problem is fixed (which you don’t know how long it is going to take)?

95% of the people that don’t have a water filtration system at home will do that because it is easy and they don’t have to think much about it. But if you have a filtration system at hand you won’t even notice anything different in your life. You’ll keep doing things how you have been because your water is always filtered.

5. You’ll save the environment

A lot of people switch over to using bottled water in order to have safe drinking water readily available. But the problem is, every year people buy 50 billion plastic water bottles in the U.S alone. Yes, that is billion, not million. Now think about how big that number would be if we factored in the rest of the world.

The worst part is that it takes 450 years for plastic to break down. Where do you think humanity will be in 450 years? No idea. But if we keep using plastic bottles the way we are using them right now, there will be a LOT of plastic waste that our descendants will have to deal with in future.

Or, you can make a smart decision and get a water filtration system for your own so you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles ever again. You might think that it won’t make a big difference but change comes from just one person doing what needs to be done.

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