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Style Tips for a Woman’s Classy Look

 It might be time to add some sophistication to your everyday look. Maybe this is because of a job change, moving into a new city or you just want your new look to represent who you have become. While there have been several style options for women through the centuries, there is one style that has remained in vogue. This is the timeless classy look that can be worn for work, social engagements, and even traveling. Below are some style tips to help you put together a perfect classy look.

Opt for clothes made of classic fabrics

Picking materials that will last into the next decade for your classy clothing is essential. The best alternatives, in this case, include silk, linen, cotton, and wool. When cared for properly, these fabrics will exude a classy look on their own. You can also settle for the variations of these four fabrics to introduce some diversity into your wardrobe. For instance, you can get cashmere rather than plain wool for sweaters and denim instead of cotton for your pants.

Wear solid neutrals if you are unsure

Bold prints and patterns will work for a classy look, but some ladies are not as comfortable with them. If you are doubtful about including these in your wardrobe, settle for solid neutrals. The typical neutrals you should have are cream, beige, gray, white, navy blue, and black. You do not have to dress in one neutral from head to toe. You can go for the monochromatic look that includes different shades of the same color in your outfit.

Get the perfect fit

You might have come across something in a fashion show collection that you love. However, remember that classy clothing should be form-fitting and tailored. If you choose to get a piece from the collection, ensure it is a perfect fit. For example, a skirt or dress should be just below or above the knee while sweaters, blouses, and blazers should follow your waist’s curve. You can get a local tailor to alter your purchase so that it fits perfectly and complements your look.

Never overexpose

Pulling the perfect classy look requires some modesty. You should not have any miniskirts, revealing low décolletage or midriff-baring tops in your ensemble. Your neckline should be crew neck, V-neck, boatneck, or collar. All in all, ensure that your belly button and cleavage remain covered so that you do not come across as trashy. Moreover, your bra should not be left exposed through the armholes of your dresses and blouses.

Keep your accessories simple

The wrong accessories can mar even the best-assembled classy look. Keep your accessories simple so that they do not leave you looking cheap. Cross, diamond solitaire, and pearl necklaces are the perfect ones for classy looks. The ideal earrings are small gold or silver hoops and diamond or pearl studs. Scarves are perfect options for adding some visual interest and color to your classy outfit. Even so, before settling on one, understand the different scarf types and how best to include them in your look.

Dressing classy does not mean only wearing high-end fashion brands. With the above steps, you can transform even the simplest wardrobe into a classy one. Do not automatically throw out the clothes currently in your closet, believing they no longer work for the classy look. You can integrate them into your new look in multiple ways without overwhelming or ruining it. Remember that looking classy does not mean you become boring or devoid of personality. It only makes you look sophisticated and elegant so that you attract the right attention.

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