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Hormone imbalance: What it is, and how to treat it


Almost everyone is likely to experience hormone imbalance at some point in life. Some people experience it in their 50s, while others deal with it at a younger age. 

What are hormones?

Hormones are your body’s chemical go-between, and they regulate almost everything in your body. From how your blood flows, your heart rate, your breathing, your eating patterns, and even your sex life.  A hormone is produced in what is known as "the endocrine glands", and travels around your bloodstream.

Hormonal imbalances happen mostly when there is too much or too little of a hormone in your bloodstream.  While there is a misconception that only women experience hormonal issues. Both men and women can experience hormone imbalance. 

People with hormone imbalance report some of these symptoms:

Excessive weight loss or weight gain

While hormone imbalance makes other people lose appetite, others may begin to eat more than usual, they will either binge on sugary or fatty food. 


Lack of sleep is a common problem for people with hormone imbalances. It's not uncommon to find some using sleeping pills. 

A dry skin

If your lips and other parts of your body are unusually dry, then perhaps you should take that as a sign that you suffer from hormone imbalance. 

Increased thirst

Most people with hormone imbalance will report excessive thirst.

Mood swings

Sometimes you wake up in a good mood, or in a foul mood. 

Unusual fatigue

You wake up feeling exhausted even though you were not involved in any strenuous activities. 

Reduced sex drive

If your libido suddenly drops it may be a sign that your hormones are no longer balanced. You should consider consulting a hormone specialist.

Weak bones

Another common symptom for people with hormone imbalance is weakening bones. Some even suspect to be suffering from arthritis. 

Depression or anxiety

The fight or flight response and an emotional slump are one of the common symptoms experienced by people with hormone imbalances. 

What is hormone balancing?

The good news is a hormone imbalance can be treated. For some people, hormone imbalance can be treated through changing lifestyle and diet; which means by just simply exercising, meditating, and eating healthy food they can reverse hormone imbalance.  

hormone balancing expert such as Dr. Dominique Fradin Read can help patients to reverse their hormones. During your appointment, you will get an opportunity to find the root cause of your illness and how to cure it.  Specialists have expertise in diagnosing and treating hormone imbalances. A hormone balancing expert can be the answer you are looking for.


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