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Top 5 Recipes To Try This Upcoming Holiday Season: By Marc Zboch


  • Are you looking to wow your guests with some great food when you invite them over to your Christmas party?

  • Have you decided what recipes are trending on social media and are being suggested by some of the top chefs in the world?

  • Do you know how you can score wonderfully well as a cook, by cooking some happy and feel-good recipes in an easy fashion?

As a child, I always looked forward to the holiday season. Yes, the gifts were one major reason. However, the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies and white sauce pasta was also something I looked forward to year-after-year. 

Every family has some staple recipes when it comes to cooking during the holiday season. With social media and the internet being such insightful knowledge-gathering mechanisms, it is easy to understand and know about the latest good food trends being suggested by the top chefs. 

In this article, we look at five great recipes you can try during the upcoming holiday season with your family. From conversation stirring tea recipes to warm dough cookies, we have you covered. 

List of Top 5 Recipes you can try this Upcoming Holiday Season

  1. Warm Dough Chocolate Cookies- 

Christmas is all about feeling warm and fuzzy. Jackets, snow, and the Christmas tree make us feel all nice and happy. A heavy, indulgent warm dough chocolate cookie can be the perfect treat for those long wintery evenings. 

Making a chocolate cookie is not very tough. However, the idea is to create the cookie in the form of a muffin. You can also spice up things by injecting chocolate syrup through a syringe to fill the mold of the cookie. Everyone who takes a cookie will enjoy the chocolate oozing. 

  1. Traditional Pumpkin Pies- 

What is Christmas without a pumpkin pie right? Every family has their own take on a pumpkin pie, especially during the Thanksgiving dinner. There is not a lot, which can go wrong when you are making a pumpkin pie. The key is to create the pastry and then bake it in the right manner. 

Last year, I tried creating a spicy pumpkin pie. You know what, it works! If you want to experiment, you can try a savory take on the traditional pumpkin pie for that shock and awe factor. This is sure to throw off many people who were expecting something sweet.

  1. Breath-taking Tea Recipes- 

Tea is the perfect complement when you have sat down for a nice, long evening of endless games and conversations. You should definitely try a Marc Zboch tea recipe. This is a bitter take on the traditional Darjeeling tea. However, it is sure to leave you wanting for a refill. 

The play is that the recipe involves using a dash of three bitters to make the flavor really pop. You get all the goodness of the traditional Darjeeling tea flavor, along with a late zing of bitterness from the bitters. This is sure to be a great talking point during your parties. 

  1. White Sauce Pasta- 

I have always been a big fan of Italian food and would request my mother to create a hearty bowl of white sauce pasta for special events. The holiday season is definitely one event where a white sauce pasta can shine. With the cheese oozing and toppings galore, you would not miss it for the world. 

Many of the greatest chefs suggest that creating a white sauce pasta as a ‘bake’ can be a great way to make it more decadent and indulgent. You can finish off with some mozzarella cheese and throw it into the baking oven for fifteen minutes. 

  1. Eclectic Dim sums- 

I know you might be thinking that dim sums are not in the holiday season food rule book, right? Well, I like to mix and match food recipes I like. Dim sums are light-hearted, and a whole lot of fun. They are also great when it comes to cutting away all the heaviness from cakes. 

You want something spicy and fresh to cut through all the sweet goodness you have devoured. Dim sums can be made easier with the help of a steamer and you can experiment with vegetarian options as well. 

The Final Word

We all enjoy global cuisines and our festivals should start reflecting that. You should have your standard dishes along with experimenting with some new ones. Almost everything is available online, which reduces the chances of trial and error. Can you think of some more recipes you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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