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Save Your Cell Screen With Save the Girls TouchScreen Purses #MBPHoliday20 #Review


Thank you to Save the Girls for sending me these purses in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Over the years, I've had my share of tech frustrations. Dropped phones, cracked screens, and the "where did I put my phone" mantra has made cell phone life entertaining but difficult even with a phone case.  As a church staff member, I use my cell phone a lot these days. As with most of us, the cell phone has become an integral part of my life- even more so than before- and I keep looking for ways to protect it! 

Have you had that moment where you are trying to dig through your purse to find your phone before the ringer stops? Or do you slip your phone into your back pocket for it to fall out when you bend down? Or your garments have no pockets but you want to remain hands-free while out and about? Or- perhaps the one that happens to me most often, when slamming on your car brakes, your phone flies off the seat and you get worried about it hitting the floorboard or door? If so, then Save the Girls is for you!

Save the Girls mission is to do exactly that: protect our cell phones. I had the amazing chance to talk to Tami Lange, founder, and owner of Save the Girls. After her two daughters lost (one while hiking, one in the wash) their iphones within one week and her breast cancer survivor sister's habit of pulling her phone out of her bra, Tami looked for sustainable ways to protect cell phones while protecting one's self (and one's wallet!). Not finding what she wanted, she decided to invent it! 

Made of bicast leather, Save the Girls purses have been seen on QVC, the Howie Mandel Show, and Good Morning America. Several of the purses are RFID safe so that your credit cards remain safe. The Classic Elegance, Encounter, and the Metro are RFID protected. 

Save the Girls provides us with fashionable small purses that have a specific cell phone slot. Meant for on-the-go behavior, these purses are large enough for the phone, wallet, keys, and perhaps a lipgloss or two. Cell Phone slots provide protective plastic to allow continued usage of the phone's touchscreen. Cell Phones can remain in their cases but it does depend on the size and style of your case as to whether it would fit.

I own a Samsung Galaxy A50 with a fairly heavy duty case, because, well I work with kids and teens and am always doing something in (and lately, outside) of the church building. 

Save the Girls sent me The Weekender and the Allure to check out. My phone w/ case fits into both purses, but it does slide around more in the allure. Sometimes, in the Weekender, it can be a pain to remove and even when home, I end up leaving it in if I know I'm going to be leaving the house in a bit. 

The Weekender's eyeglass case can be used for all those small things we carry around.. and eyeglasses!

So far, the Weekender has become my go-to purse. I'm a minimalist person when it comes to carrying things as I often have what I need in the office, car (or of course, home), so when walking around downtown or on an outing, I don't want a big and heavy purse. I love crossbodies because they do keep my hands free and I don't have to worry about purses slipping down my shoulders. Save the Girl purses all come with adjustable crossbody straps and most come with wrist straps as well.  I adjusted the strap to sit around my hip, where I'm most comfortable with my purses resting. 

The Weekender snap holds everything together!

The Weekender's wallet version is slightly small, but it is large enough for what I need as I don't carry a bunch of extra cards. There is an outer pocket meant for eyeglasses, which is perfect for when I need sunglasses but need a place off my head to store them inside. Recently, I've been using that space for the extras that we might need (hand sanitizer, lip gloss, etc) and there is still plenty of room for sunglasses. This happens to be one of the most popular Save the Girl purses and I can see why! 

The Allure

The allure is a great wallet for when you don't need extra space. Large enough for the phone to slip into it's cover, with a snap to hold it in place, your wallet needs, and key storage, the Allure is your go-to when going out on the town or anywhere that doesn't allow large bags. 

The Inside Wallet of the Allure has many card slots! 

A plus, during this pandemic, is that the cell phone remains safely in the bag and away from all the germs that we pass back and forth while using our phones. The one downfall would be that the back camera cannot be used, so while selfies are fine, no holding it up to get that picture perfect shot while out and about. Also, on my phone, the side buttons are not accessible, like volume control and turning it on when it goes to sleep- but its manageable with other settings. 

Another plus is that to survive the pandemic, Save the Girls had to find creative marketing after their 2500 retail outlets shut down.

Diving into the world of PPE, Save the Girls came up with a scarf design with a stitched in mask. Wear the scarf, pull up the mask, then pull it down when not in use. No more hanging masks from rearview mirrors or throwing into car consoles! Regular masks are available as all. 

I think the mask/ scarf invention is a marvelous invention, especially as the weather turns cooler! 

Add a filter into this scarf for more protection!

Save the Girls Purses are great gifts for anyone who wants to protect their cell phones! While slightly awkward to get used too, these purses are the ultimate protection for phones while remaining handsfree. I have also experienced the unpleasantness related to a cell phone screen protector getting scratched from keys while jangling around in the bottom of my purse. No more with Save the Girls! 

I would definitely recommend this investment and gift this year. A practical solution to staying hands free, to protecting yourself and your phones from various types of germs, especially those quick trips to the grocery store. The protective cover does allow phone app use at locations (think coffee shops, grocery stores, etc), although I found mine to be a little bit difficult because I already have a heavy duty screen protector on my phone. I ended up resetting my screen touch setting within the phone to be less sensitive, so that it picks up more. 

Tami has one wish for all of us as we finish up 2020: keep our phones safe from damage and/or being lost and to stay sane during this pandemic. I highly recommend grabbing a Save the Girls purse for all the women in your life this holiday season! There are many styles to choose from that will suit the needs of anyone and everyone in your life!

Want it? Buy it! 

Ready to purchase? Find the Weekender, Allure, and other styles on the Save the Girls website! 10% of profits benefit breast cancer research!

Follow Save the Girls on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest news, styles, and PPE accessories! 

Where do you keep your phone so it's safe from harm?

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