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How You Can Find the Best Laminate Floor Mop

 Laminate floors come in various styles, but they usually have a tough resin coating to make them extremely durable. If you care for these floors properly, they can last for years. To make sure that your laminate flooring lasts lost, it’s important to clean it correctly. 

Therefore, you must find the ideal laminate floor mop that can remove all the grime and dust from your floors without damaging the floor. This page discusses how you can find the best laminate floor mop.

Styles of mops

It’s a good idea to choose a laminate floor mop that doesn’t need lots of water to clean the floor. After all, too much water tends to damage the floor, so you don’t want that to happen. Also, too little water will prevent your floor to be clean, so you need a fine balancing act.

The good news is that you can find a wide range of laminate floors on the market. Therefore, the type of mop you decide to choose will depend on your needs. You can buy mops to help you with all the specific cleaning of the laminate floor. Here are some types of laminate floor mops you can buy:

Dust mops

If you want simple everyday dust removal for the laminate floor in your home, then choose a basic dust mop. You don’t have to get this mop wet if you want to use it because it’s custom made for laminate flooring.

You can come across a couple of mop styles, though many popular ones appear to be the single-use clothes that are electrically charged. These clothes are designed to pick up dust, hair, pet dander, dirt, and all other small pieces you can see and that a traditional broom tends to miss. The good thing is that the dry mops are quite easy to use, so you can utilize them daily on your floors.

Spray floors

If you have laminate floors that require more than a light dusting without a good scrubbing, then your best choice is the spray mop. A spray mop is quite similar to a dry mop as it has single-use cloths. 

You can also find some that have microfiber mopping cloths you can remove, wash, and reuse regularly. If you decide to use this mop, you can attach the cloth to the mop’s head and simply squeeze the handle so that you can release the cleaning solution. The spray can help you to clean up grime and any sticky dirt from the floors.

Spin floors

Another excellent choice for laminate flooring is the spin floor mops. They are most suitable if you haven’t managed to clean your floors for some time and want a thorough cleanse. In such cases, you can just take a vacuum and grab your spin floor mop to clean the floor.

This is a good choice for laminate flooring as they don’t use much water compared to the traditional sponge mops. A spin floor mop can spin out an extra solution to make sure your floor isn’t left soaking wet.

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