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Happy Feet and Happy Minds with Tucketts Gripper Socks #MBPHoliday20 #Review

Thank you to Tucketts for providing me a gift bundle in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Have you noticed that when your feet are unhappy, your entire body and mind is as well? Our feet take a lot of abuse from standing, walking, exercising, and upholding our bodies all day. Our feet help support proper alignment, posture, and even aid in nerve connections to our brains! When our feet are placed in outerwear that allows for improper support, improper connectivity between nerves and brain, and improper stability (thus causing the overuse of other muscles in our bodies), it does us no good! Instead, cramping and pain emerges, just makes us miserable!

Tucketts aims to contradict those negative patterns by allowing our feet and brains to work together so that our bodies and minds can be happier. 

Tucketts is a women-run business that strives to be sustainable and ethical through it's practices. Partnering with a South American factory allows Tucketts to build relationships and be 100% tree free. The factory uses recovered cotton in their socks, tries their best to be a clean-production company that conserves water and energy, and is currently working on being plastic-free. 

Tucketts provides various sock collections that assist with gym and home work-outs plus support our feet and bodies. We know its not healthy to go barefoot when participating in gym exercise classes (or even at home), but regular socks cause slipping and dangerous falls. Boutique Gym Socks are expensive and not suited to individual toes. All of our toes are different sizes/shapes and holes can cause cause muscle strain and difficulty practicing proper techniques. 

Tucketts Grip Socks help alleviates these difficulties by offering two sets of socks: a closed toe with grippers and an open toe with grippers. The grippers allow easy movement across floors, mats, and gyms when exercising (or even shoeless in the home). The toe holes allow for toes to connect to the floor/mat and allows for wiggling, providing flexibility and strengthening to those important muscles. 

Open-toed socks do not have individual toe holes but rather two separate holds for the big toe and the other 4 toes. These make them much easier to pull on and off, and provide easier stability while exercising. These are great for Pilates, Yoga, and Barre classes! 

Tucketts offers various collections of socks as well as foot care bundles to meet all of your holiday gift needs! Socks are made in Colombia, are machine washable, and most contain 70% cotton mixed with nylon and spandex. All socks fit women's feet sizes 6.5-9. 

I received the "For the One that Loves Simplicity" Bundle. This includes 2 pairs of tab closed toed socks, 1 ballerina open-toed, 1 allegro open-toed, a wonderful lavender chamomile and magnesium foot cream, a lavender and magnesium foot soak, and a plant me gratitude card all bundled into a reusable bag. 

Peace Roots Apothecary's Foot Soak and Foot Cream will leave your feet feeling relaxed and ready for the next day brings. The magnesium provides relief to those tight and tense muscles. The Lavender and Chamomile provides relief from daily stress and anxiety to cue the nervous system back to working order. 

The Tab Closed Toed Socks allows the entire foot to be encased but still provides stability, grip, and even arch support! 

The Allegro and Ballerina are styles of socks, that along with other styles, are created for specific workouts or foot benefits in mind. 

The Allegro socks are best for all bare-footed work-outs and even aqua aerobics! They are great for controlled movements, compression of feet, and allow for the best range of motion while moving about. 

The Ballerina socks are best for barre and dance classes, but not meant for yoga. The Ballerina socks mold to your feet, just as ballerina slippers would do, giving you the best possibly grip and precision needed in your movements. 

All three styles of the socks provide great support while exercising- and even walking around too! The grippers at the bottom of each allows for easy walking while not sliding or losing balance. There is nothing worse than doing a yoga pose and suddenly feeling your feet slip out on your mat or hardwood floors! 

As I've recently been into barre and yoga at home, I'm loving these socks because I can get better control of my movements without having to wear tennis shoes, which are not often recommended in those classes anyway. I would definitely recommend Tucketts Grip Socks to anyone looking to kick up their workouts a little bit. 

A collection for everyone, even the novice will find something on Tucketts: socks, leg warmers, knee highs! There is even a men's collection! 

Bundles include Peace Apothecary products. You will definitely want the Peace Apothecary soak and cream to relax your stress away! These two items are only part of the bundles and are not sold individually- but they certainly are worth it! I often suffer from sore and/or cramping feet and love how relaxed the soak and cream make me feel!

This holiday season, gift yourself or a loved one a better mind-foot experience with Tuckett's socks or bundles. Relieve your feet, your muscles, and your brain and perhaps even exercise better with Tucketts! 

Want it? Get it! 

Grab the "For the One Who Loves Simplicity Bundle" or any of the Tucketts' gift sets on their website

While over there, browse all of their collections and find the socks that best suit your needs so that your mind and feet can regain their oh-so important connections! 

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