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Career advice for cybersecurity beginners


Are you someone who is pursuing a career in cyber security? Are you someone who has just started their job as a cyber security professional? If yes, then this article is meant for you. Below are some great and valuable career tips for all those people who have just begun their journey in this amazing and exciting field. Although there are a lot of things that one must do and follow to grow in one’s career, a few of them can be shortlisted as the most vital pieces of guidance that one can receive at the beginning of their careers.


  1. Learn as much as you can

Working in cyber security, you will soon understand how important it is to upgrade yourself, learn new skills, tools and programming languages to aid your career. The field of cyber security is prone to excessive change and innovation. Hence, it will benefit you if you learn as much as you possibly can to always stay one step ahead of those whom you are fighting.


  1. Save money

Cyber security is a profitable business. If you gain a little experience, you will move up to a handsome package than what you can earn as an entry-level professional. CEH V11 experts get paid a lot of money for their services and so do other types of security officers. Therefore it is a good piece of advice to tell you to save a part of your income for your future or for investment.


  1. Spread awareness

As a cyber security professional, you are in the business of security. And the first step in security is awareness. Consider it your personal responsibility to spread awareness and information about digital security as much as you can, among as many people as you can, starting from your workplace. In the long run, the more people know about how to keep hackers out of the systems, the easier and better your job becomes.


  1. Keep up with the news

Industry news will give you a lot of information and valuable information that you cannot possibly get anywhere else. What do you learn in your typical online hacking course is vital for your career but what you learn from following news regularly is also equally vital for your profession in this industry. Reading news everyday can help you stay on top of everything that's happening in your industry: new methods, new techniques and new ways to protect the digital ecosystem.



  1. Work on your soft skills

Soft skills are a necessity in every profession today. If you are dealing with people, as you are in cyber security, you will need to interact with them and explain your point of view. Because this is a technical profession and you won't always be surrounded by technical people, especially your management who may be not as tech savvy as you want them to be, your soft skills will always come to the rescue and help you grow in your career.


Other than these tips, there are a few more pieces of advice that you should know at the beginning of your professional journey, some of which you can find below: 

  • Focus on your professional network right from the start as your relationships go a long way in building your business or career.

  • Become a leader because leaders always have the bigger picture in mind and are capable of bringing new changes in their field.

  • Accept new responsibilities with full enthusiasm as they are the best ways to learn new things without having to pay for training.


If you learned something from this post, don’t forget to share the wisdom with your fellow professionals because sharing is the first step of building good relationships.

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