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Every year, I travel to conferences, summer camps, and vacation locations struggling with overpacked luggage. Why? Even though I try to be a minimalist- it's hard! Extra clothing is needed for professional meetings, work-outs, and down-time. Bulky shoes and clothing end up taking a lot of suitcase space, leaving little room for toiletries! 

Even though 2020 has left me with a major travel bug that is left unfilled for the time being, I am very excited about Splice Clothing! 

Splice Clothing was created and made for the minimalistic traveler. Founder and Owner Ashly Ryan learned the hard way how much work it is to travel across the world with heavy luggage. After Ashly's adventures were over, she was on a mission to aid fellow female travelers with clothing that is lightweight and wearable. 

Trust me, trying to walk to the bus station, grab the bus, grab the train, and grab an airport shuttle are NOT things you want to do with heavy luggage. You will annoy locals, annoy yourself, and even potentially your fellow travelers! Also- there is the the fact that you even might miss the train because your suitcase fell over while trying to run after your bus was held up in a road accident (yes- that actually happened to me once!) 

This holiday season, whether you are continuing to stay at home or preparing to embark on a new journey, do yourself a favor by gifting yourself or the busy traveler in your life a wonderful piece from Splice Clothing. 

Dresses, Tunics, Tops, and Joggers are all made to be reversible in color and in style. Pieces are made with lightweight material that is wrinkle resistant and dries easily (cause waiting for those jeans to dry is just going to take forever in cooler air, right?).

Most pieces are "spliced" together, so that several styles can be worn from the same garment. I think that is pretty cool! Dual necklines, side snap buttons, two color choices definitely make these the easy garments to choose from! 

Ashly sent me a Jaisalmer Reversible 4-Way Tunic and a Sahara Reversible dress to try out. 

Jaisalmer Tunic in Ruby Red. 

Tunics are generally longer pieces of clothing that are often worn with leggings or skinny jeans. The Jaisalmer 4-Way Tunic is made up of polyester and spandex, allowing the material to have a light breathable fabric that is great for traveling! 

Tunics come in two color palettes: Black/Ruby Red or Smoke Green/ Moss Green. I received the black/ ruby red and love it! I love the length of this tunic because it covers my rear but isn't too long. As a short person, sometimes I can't get away wearing those options because they end up being too long on me, but this length is just right!

The Tunic has two necklines: Boatneck and V-neck. Each neckline can be worn with each color, giving you up to 4 choices! 

Jaisalmer Tunic in Black/ Ruby Red

Also, side snap buttons help define your piece's shape. Want a tighter fit? Snap all the way up! Want a looser fit, or to change up your style? Undo a few buttons!

The Sahara Reversible Dress currently only comes in Black/ Ruby Red color palette. The dress' length was also great on me. I don't like dresses that are too short because when I am on the move (like most are when traveling), I don't want to give views of anything away on accident! 

The V-neck does come a little bit low on me, but the fabric is huggable rather than loose. I personally would be more consciousness when wearing the V-neck in the front, especially if I am on the go, but it is nothing too dangerous! 

Sahara Reversible Dress in black, V-neck with no belt

The Sahara reversible dress also has a dual necklines: V-neck and Boatneck that is wearable with both the black and ruby red colors. 

A removeable sash/ belt is available to give the dress an extra accessory, but you may find you like it better without! Generally sashes don't stayed tied well on my figure, so I often end up going without this little accessory. On this dress, that would be perfectly acceptable! 

Sahara Reversible Dress in Ruby Red, Boatneck, with belt/ sash 

The Sahara Dress is also made up of polyester and spandex, making it easy to travel in various weather conditions and easy to pack! This fabric is also wrinkle resistant, which is a definite plus while traveling! 

The Sahara Dress also contains back snaps to help you get into and out of the dress. These snap closures are located on the inside and outside at your right and left hips. The snaps can be undone to turn the dress into a swimsuit coverup or even a lightweight duster (think, loosing fitting wrap, as it won't have long sleeves to be a coat). 

The V-neck option of the Sahara Ruby Red dress also is pretty from the back-view!

Splice Clothing also offers Capsules, or a pre-set collection of clothing, that comes with a discount. Capsules can be for specific purposes, such as jumping on an airplane, being on-the-go, or even a weekend lounging around! 

These pieces would make wonderful gifts that are easily wearable, accessible, and right for light-weight packing! This holiday season might look different for your local traveler, but help them stock up for the future by gifting them a wonderful tunic, jogger, dress, or any of the other pieces that Splice Clothing offers!

Not planning on traveling? Splice's pieces will liven up any wardrobe, regardless of whether adventures stay in your local residence or away to a new border. The multi-wearable options are great for sprucing up one's individual wardrobe without breaking the bank! A gift of a reversible item is like receiving multiple gifts at one time! 

The soft wrinkle resistant fabrics will have you ready to be on the go- whether it's to the office, down the road to the post office, or to a new country! 

Want it? Buy it! 

Head over to Splice Clothing to make a purchase and check out all the great travel-friendly options! 

Follow Splice on Social Media to find all the unique ways clothing is versatile and travel-friendly! 

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Want it? Win it! 

One (1) lucky reader will win a Splice Clothing Cairo Reversible Poncho Wrap to their collection this holiday season! 

Ponchos can be worn as scarfs, cardigans, blankets, or a poncho. Poncho reversible colors are either black or white and wrinkle resistant. 

Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the RC form below to enter for your chances to win. 
*Please keep in mind that MBP is not responsible for fulfilling prizes. You can find complete details for our giveaway policies on our policies page.

When you travel, do try to go light or do you always overpack?

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