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Nash Motorcycle Co. and Jason Momoa Have Teamed Up To Create A Line Of Products That Will Become A Part Of Your Legacy #MBPHoliday20

Special thanks to Nash Motorcycle Co. for sending product to review. All thoughts are my own.

Recently, as I was scrolling through my IG feed, I noticed that Jason Momoa, "Prideofgypsies" had posted about a special collaboration he was involved with. Intrigued, I began to click and what I discovered is something I didn't expect to connect with so deeply.

Tabor Nash is the man behind Nash Motorcycle Company. Check out this brief video about how Nash Motorcycle Co. got it's start:

Built from a creative dream, Tabor Nash created this company to fulfill his passion but also to be a legacy for his family. This resonated with me in a deep way. While I do not own a motorcycle myself, nor does my husband, we have family members that are passionate about riding. Loving people that love this life connects me to this company. Loving my husband that loves to work with his hands, appreciates hand-made in the USA tools and the grit from a job you put your heart into, intrigued me enough to dive deeper into finding out how Jason Momoa and Nash came to be connected.

"During Jason Momoa’s “On The Roam” travels (a filming project in the works where he captures the life behind American grassroots businesses that he finds interesting) he ran across a brutal-but-elegant bronze-headed antique hammer at Kevin Bass’s vintage motorcycle playground in Minnesota. Though looking like it was 80-years old, it turns out this hammer was relatively new and Jason wanted to know who made it. Kevin pointed to a rugged, military-grade oiled 3x5’ canvas banner on his shop wall that said Nash Motorcycle company. On the spot, Kevin and Jason called Taber Nash, owner of the company on the banner." - Nash Motorcycle Co

Jason and Tabor began to work together to create custom, unique products utilizing their love for old-world, American hand-craftsmanship.

Nash was kind enough to send one of these limited edition hammers to me. I will be able to give my husband number "83" and he will be able to pass this hammer on to our two little boys. This hammer is incredibly unique. As you hold it, your mind takes you on a journey filled with the possibilities of amazing life experiences for decades to come. 

With this idea in mind, the Paths app was also created. I'm excited to share with you a little more about this app, but you can also check out the link and explore Paths when you get a chance. 

Each buyer of an exclusive Jason Momoa/Nash Motorcycle Co product will receive an invitation to join Paths. Each customer will receive an invitation from Momoa’s account to join an exclusive group of peers in a memory sharing mash up on a new app called Paths, so each exclusive owner can witness the homes in which each other’s hammer fell into. Paths is the app that merges your social media footprint into a string of memories, then allows people to merge and align the similar memories onto a single timeline via collaboration with close friends and family. The idea is that everyone has their most enhanced record of life in one spot, that includes each other. Paths believes that acquiring such a product designed by Jason Momoa would be a great milestone in life to showcase in one's legacy.

While the double knuckle hammer is currently sold out, lucky for you, Jason Momoa and Nash have dropped a BRAND NEW item today, just in time for your holiday shopping!

Check out the Knuckle Buckle:

Knuckle Buckle $180

"The Knuckle Buckle is the latest collaboration between Nash Motorcycle Co and Jason Momoa's On The Roam. Jason and Taber Nash both have a passion for Harley's first OHV motor, the iconic Knucklehead. First developed in 1936 this motor transcended the 2nd World War and developed a cult following from Harley enthusiasts and custom bike builders around the globe. To commemorate the unique design of this motor, Jason and Taber have designed The Knuckle Buckle. Cast in bronze with an antique finish and polished Knuckle Nuts. A prodigy that is built to last a lifetime just like the venerable Knucklehead engine.

These buckles are a limited run and once they're gone they're history!

The Knucklehead belt is crafted from 100% high-grade thick 8-10oz leather that is guaranteed to hold your pants up for years of hard work. These belts come in Brown, Black, or Natural leather and are stamped with KNUCKLEHEAD across the back as well as the On The Roam logo and Nash Motor Co." - Nash Motorcycle Co.

You can connect with other knuckle buckle buyers on the Paths app, where you won't have to worry about ads, "like" buttons, news or sneaky algorithms. Just pure connection with friends, family and like-minded people that also want to share their legacy. 

"Working together in a labor of love Keven "Teach" Bass and Tabor Nash helped bring Jason's durable, hand-crafted, timeless keepsakes to fruition...and to you. To celebrate the limited nature of this side-project, we invite all buyers to collaborate with a photo on a rising app called Paths. This is so all owners one day can look back and appreciate the similar tastes of their peers." - NMC

Knowing how much my husband values doing hard, physical work with his own two hands and seeing how he longs to instill nuggets of knowledge into our own little boys, I cannot wait for him to enjoy this hammer. We feel pretty blessed to be a part of this community. 

Tabor Nash also shared with me another amazing, hand-made product that every bike owner needs:

Check out the Torch Flashlight Hanger for only $60. 

If your heart is set on a one-of-a-kind hammer, you can still order the Polished Nuts Knuckle Hammer on their website.

Nash Motorcycle Co. has gifts for every budget. Supporting American-made products from a company that started because of a dream, overcame obstacles and is now creating the most unique products I've ever laid eyes on is one of the reasons we do what we do at MBP. We want to support companies like this and we hope that when you're knee-deep in holiday shopping, you'll visit NMC and check out some of the amazing goods they are producing. 


You can find out all of the details about the Jason Momoa and Nash Motorcycle Co. collaboration by visiting their website. Act fast to snag a new Knuckle Buckle as they will sell fast! Make sure you stay connected with Nash on Instagram so that you do not miss out when new products drop. You can also visit Jason Momoa on IG and stay connected with his, "On The Roam" project.

I want to give a special thanks to Nash Motorcycle Co. for sending along some amazing products for my family to enjoy. Your generosity and spirit, I believe, must be a large part of why you are such a beloved part of the motorcycle community. We, at Mommy's Block Party wish you nothing but success and continued dreams reached. 

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