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Memories: Look Mom, the Turkeys are chasing me!


Growing up, my sister (front) and I (back) had the opportunity to have adventures on our family farm. We often visited the farm as the holidays drew closer. It wasn't that far away- maybe 20 minutes at the most. 

Owned by my great-uncle and great- aunt, (brother and sister, not husband/wife), the farm held many opportunities to learn about our feathered fowl friends, cattle, and plants. In the winter- we often visited to grab holly and berries off the trees. In the summer, picking fresh strawberries, watermelons, beans, and corn was our fun!

One of my earliest childhood memories is these dang turkeys that you see above!  I admit: I will cook a turkey for Thanksgiving if I'm hosting, but honestly, I much prefer chickens. I think I blame these dang birds above for my dislike of the feathered fowl. 

To a 5 year old, turkeys are HUGE.. I mean, just look at the picture! While these white turkeys are farm-raised fowl and not wild turkeys found in the woods, they are still just as mean as wild fowl! Turkeys like to travel in flocks so that they can protect each other when threatened. Turkeys also like to eat, so if they think you have food, they will come at you in full force! Whenever we pulled up into the drive, the herd of these birds was hanging out, just waiting for us to come up so that they could peck at our ankles or hands! I quickly learned wearing gloves was a must when trying to visit or feed these creatures. 

These particular turkeys were eventually became Thanksgiving and Christmas birds for families in the local community, and while I've never asked- we probably ate one or two ourselves. 

Of course we had many other farm adventures- seeing the cattle, feeding the horses, collecting fresh chicken eggs, and even playing with baby kitties!

What are your earliest memories of the holiday season? 

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