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Encourage Creativity and Imagination with Clixo


Thank you to Clixo for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Toys that encourage imagination and creativity will forever remain at the top of my list of toys to buy for my kids and buy for others. Clixo is an incredible company that encourages creating, evaluating, and rebuilding. My boys keep coming back to these again and again. 

Clixo is the brain child of someone who wanted to open the door to nourish a child's curiosity and personal expression. Clixo does provide certain visuals, but the toy also allows kids to build based off their imagination. 

Open-ended toys are my favorite because kids won't always have a prescribed way to accomplish something. The freedom to experiment is so beneficial to their learning and has them coming back to build something else; the only limit is how far the imagination will go. 

This holiday season, give back to those smaller companies and give gifts that serve multiple purposes. 

Want it? Buy it!

Clixo comes in a variety of packs. 

Isty Pack-16 pieces $29.99

Crew Pack-30 pieces $39.99

Rainbow Pack-42 pieces $59.99

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Who needs Clixo on your shopping list? 

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