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Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping in an Unprecedented Year


You all know I love a good deal so resisting sales on Black Friday will be a challenge. I am on a mission to stay grateful for what I have and to not be so attached to things. Let's continue feeling grateful even after Thanksgiving and continue to give what we have that others may not.

Some of you may still be buying Christmas presents for others so here are a few ideas to help if you're shopping: 

  • Shop local
  • Buy gift certificates for local restaurants
  • Buy experiences
  • Gift sustainable products
  • Purchase products made in the USA
For those not shopping this Black Friday, here are some other ways to spend your otherwise busy and crowded day: 

  • Go through extra Christmas decorations and give to those who don't have any
  • Purge toys and ask if others need before giving to Goodwill
  • Make a meal for elderly neighbors
  • Offer to put up outside Christmas decor for disabled neighbors
  • Volunteer to take meals to those who are homebound
  • Go through clothes and donate (including hats, scarves, gloves, shoes, coats)
  • Make small care packages for the homeless to hand out
However you spend Thanksgiving and Black Friday, please remember those who may have lost this year and are struggling. 

What do you have or what can you do that would be helpful to others? 

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