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Almas Caviar: The most expensive caviar in the world


A complex taste, full of different nuances and personalities that are quite distinct. It is a food product that is intended to satisfy the most demanding palates, of those who love to try the authentic flavor of caviar. But it is not a random caviar, but we are talking about an Iranian caviar. The caviar is recognized as one of the most expensive foods in the world.

Not an ordinary caviar

The Persians were the first people to consume caviar. Several hundred years later, the Greeks began importing caviar from Iran when it had long been considered a luxury (in Iran). Then, in the Roman era, the Romans used caviar as a healing food. Now, let's talk about the Almas Caviar, and discover not only what its qualities are, but why it is considered the most expensive caviar in the world.

Today it is the true symbol of luxury cuisine, it comes from Iran and can have a cost of up to 25 thousand dollars per kilo. It took a long time to discover it and rediscover the prestige of these eggs. 

Some characteristics of Almas Caviar

- It comes from aged Caspian sturgeons. The sturgeons live in water areas that are still free from pollution so they produce the best caviar.

- A much more spongy texture

- Whitish yellow

This type of caviar is very difficult to find and buy, which is why its value has skyrocketed, so much so that it is sold inside a metal container that is dipped in 24-karat gold. To be able to take home a kilo of product, it will be necessary to spend the "modest" amount of $ 25,000. Today, buying Almas Caviar can be done online. One of the reputable online caviar shops that are recommended is Caspianmonarque.

How to eat it to better enjoy its taste

Is there a perfect way to get the best out of this caviar? Sure, and the secrets served! The advice is to enjoy it cold, in a dish that doesn't have to be metallic. Try to prefer a container made of silver, or other materials, because it is important that the precious flavor is not tarnished or lost.

Upon tasting you will not be able to help but notice that intense nutty, persistent and creamy taste. All this is achieved thanks to a careful and scrupulous salting process during the production phase.

Get a slice of toast, a rusk, or cracker and apply a spoonful of eggs to their surface. But be careful: avoid crushing them or applying pressure, so as not to spoil any nuance of taste.

To accompany it all, the bravest eat this caviar with a nice fresh glass of vodka. But generally it is sufficient to accompany it with a good French champagne.

Almas Caviar is one of the most luxurious foods in the world. It is a symbol of wealth as well as one's achievements in life. Hopefully this information is useful to add to your insight. Thanks for reading.

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