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A Challenging Winter is Ahead: Be Ready

 The seasons are changing, the pandemic is surging, and all of us are longing for normalcy. This holiday season and winter will be one that challenges us physically, emotionally, and mentally If we start practicing gratitude for all the little things and have a plan to keep each other going, we'll make it. 
The days can be long and with it getting dark so early, the evenings can be challenging for everyone. Having two littles, we are trying to get creative in ways we can keep them active so they still sleep well. We are also practicing self care and gratitude. 

Self care can come in all kinds of ways: eating right, exercising, engaging in a hobby, calling a friend, reading a book, watching a show, cooking. Whatever helps you mentally, make a point to do it. 

Gratitude is something I've decided to help my kids focus on, especially this month. We are grateful for so much: the people in our lives, our home, our friends... If we practice gratitude we realize how much we truly have and may not yearn for more, more, more. 

Make a plan for those you love if you are unable to see them during this time. I know we are keeping all grandparents safe at this time and not putting them at risk by visiting indoors. We visit outside when the weather is nice and video chat often. 

I've also made it a point to check in on friends who live by themselves or friends who already have anxiety or depression issues. A quick text or phone call to make sure they're okay can make all the difference. 

Take care of yourself and take care of each other. And remember to be grateful for everything you already have.

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