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Top 7 Chemicals To Avoid In Skincare According To Beauty Expert Amanda Jo

  • Do you know about some of the most harmful chemicals and toxins, which you are routinely using and putting on your face?

  • Are you aware of how some of the biggest brands in the world continue to use them in everyday products?

  • Have you heard about chemicals like parabens, fragrance, sulfates, and know about the disastrous effects they can have?

The absence of strict regulations like they are in manufacturing medicines and other drugs have been absent in the beauty and cosmetic industry. On account of this, many brands operating in the industry have had a free run in creating products with harmful chemicals and toxins. 

In the past few years, the rise of information and the internet has led to greater consumer awareness. This has been able to generate more pressure on brands to go for cleaner alternatives and disclose the nature and status of their product ingredients. 

In this article, we speak to leading beauty experts and influencers, Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, and ask her about the seven chemicals, which everyone should avoid. 

List of 7 Chemicals to avoid in Skincare according to Amanda Jo

  1. Parabens- 

According to scientists and health experts, parabens are dirt-cheap preservatives, which prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in products. In other words, they ensure that the product stays fresh. Many scientific studies have shown that they can easily seep into the skin and lead to complex illnesses like breast cancer and hormonal imbalances. 

  1. Sulfates- 

If you use a shampoo (which you probably do) you will identify sulfates as the ingredient, which allows you to lather. They are salts, which come into being when Sulphuric Acid reacts with different chemicals. According to experts, sulfates are also being produced by palm and coconut oil by beauty brands. Sulfates cause the eyes to burn and are very harmful. 

  1. Phthalates- 

Phthalates are routinely used in makeup products, which require spreading over an area. For example, phthalates are an active component of nail polishes. Lotions and perfumes to contain high levels of phthalates. They are also salts, just like sulfates, but scientists refer to them as plasticizing agents. According to experts, they are classified as developmental toxins. 

  1. Artificial Colours- 

Dark lipsticks contain coal tar- a form of color created by the chemical reaction of carbon, petroleum, and other hydrocarbons. It is completely synthetic and can be dangerous if ingested in heavy amounts. Coal tar is used aggressively in darker colored lipsticks and eyeshadows. It can cause cancer, acne, rashes, and different varieties of skin infections. 

  1. Fragrance- 

Ever wondered why your shampoo smells so nice? This is because it contains carcinogenic chemicals, which make it smell good. The fragrance is used in almost all products from moisturizers to shampoo and conditioners. Health experts suggest that consumers should switch to unscented products as fragrance can seriously impair endocrine functions of the body. 

  1. Triclosan- 

On the surface, triclosan is an effective ingredient, which helps in fighting against bacterial infection. However, dig deeper and you will find that the element is very hard to naturally breakdown. In other words, it is a serious pollutant that can cause major damage to the natural environment. Triclosan is also infamous for endocrine issues and for being a skin irritant. 

  1. Talc- 

We have been using talc for generations to keep humidity off our backs. The freshness of talc has made popular all over the world. However, there are revelations, which show that talc now contains asbestos and is being used in different products. Johnson and Johnson settled a multi-million-dollar lawsuit as a woman got Ovarian Cancer by using the talc. 

The Final Word

According to Amanda Jo, it is necessary that we read the description of the product before buying the same. She also states that the internet has made it very easy to research chemicals and get authentic information on what a beauty or skincare product actually contains. 

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