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Three jobs that can help you earn money in your own home


2020 will go down in history for many reasons. It was the year we were all forced to change most of our plans, re-educate ourselves on how to clean our hands to prevent the spread of germs and find new ways to entertain ourselves indoors. It was also the year that many people realized they could complete their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Many people ended up setting up computers on the dining room table and taking part in conferences from the sofa. Once the restrictions start to ease, it’s likely that everyone will once again be forced to return to the daily commute to the office. If you want to keep the flexible benefits of working at home that help so much when it comes to childcare, here are three jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home. 

Do someone else chores

One of the biggest jobs that needs completing when we’re at home is the ever-growing list of chores. Whether it’s ironing, cleaning or doing the washing up, it often seems like the list never ends. If you somehow find a way to get all of chores done with some time left over, you could earn a lot of money by helping other people with their chores. For example, many people would happily pay someone else to do all of their ironing for them. You could attract a lot of business by simply advertising your service in the local paper, on a poster in your local or store or by even making your own Facebook page. Word of mouth is also a great way of finding new customers, so make sure all your friends and family know you’re offering to iron clothes in exchange for payment. 

Share your opinions

If you’ve ever seen contestants win big cash prizes on quiz shows and always thought that you’d never be smart enough to compete on shows like that, there is another way answering questions can earn you money. On many websites, you can take surveys for money and earn some extra cash by just sharing your opinions on a range of topics. There are no lifelines needed here as there are no wrong answers, just what you think about certain products or services. Companies will then take this information and use it to help develop their products, so you could be helping some of your favorite products become more enjoyable as well! 


If you’re already forced to stay indoors and attempt to try and entertain one child, you might as well try entertaining another child as well. Offer your babysitting services to friends and family. Many would happily pay someone they know to look after their child at work rather than employ a complete stranger. The addition of an extra child could also make your existing parenting easier, as it gives your child someone to play with while you get on with other jobs. It’s a win for everybody! 

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