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Think Pink and Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Love, Mom treats!


Thank you to Love, Mom for providing me with these delicious snack mixes in exchange for my review! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am positive that all of us have been affected by this disease in some form. We may have been diagnosed ourselves. We know people that have lost the fight against this dreadful disease. We know people that have recently just started fighting. We know people that have made it through the disease and are advocates for research and healthcare. Whatever the impact on your life, I encourage you to support cancer research in whatever way you can this month. 

For me, I lost a good friend I met in graduate school. This friend taught me how to wear makeup, dress semi- well (she often picked out clothing I NEVER would have picked out myself) and taught me how to live life once she was diagnosed. She didn't give up- she fought, and fought hard, until her last days. I miss her sassiness, her wonderful foods, and her random Mary Kay makeovers and think about her often during cancer awareness months. 

This October, I will support and encourage you to support Love, Mom and their snack mixes.  Love, Mom, was created earlier this year by Rachael Korman and her mom. Growing up, she and her mom had a wonderful puppy-chow recipe that her friends craved when she returned to college and her adult home after holidays with family.  After losing her NYC corporate job to lay-offs, Rachael found herself giving up her expensive apartment returning to her family home and being in the kitchen with her mom, making that snack mix as comfort food. 

Soon, Love, Mom grew and Rachael began selling and shipping the mixes! The containers are full of wonderful flavorful snack mixes, or puppy chow, as some might call it. These containers are called Moms, as a nod to family support during Covid-19 times. 

Love, Mom offers various flavors and adds seasonal ones in the mix. I was excited to try Love, Mom's "Celebrate Everything" Mom and the "Think Pink" Mom. 

The Celebrate Everything Mom is so flavorful! 

The Celebrate Everything Mom is a wonderful gift to celebrate any occasion. Want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just-because? Send this Mom full of crunchy goodness to your loved one and they won't regret it! This flavor contains crunchy rice bites mixed with white chocolate, peanut butter, sprinkles, and powdered sugar! This mom is certainly sweet and peanut-buttery, so make sure your loved one's allergies won't interfere. The canister comes with a beautiful ribbon with an attached card that said "Sweetie, it's time to party, but please, don't dance on tabletops." This card made me laugh out-loud and immediately reminded me of a memory when my then 11yr old friend's son randomly told me me that I needed to stop dancing on table-tops. He is now in his early 20's and we still laugh about this moment! Of course, I immediately sent him a picture! I absolutely love peanut butter and loved this mix, as well as a friend who had the chance to try some too!

The Think Pink Mom is exquisite! 

 The Limited Edition Think Pink Mom is to support Breast Cancer Awareness during October. This mix starts off with rice treats that have been mixed with an awesome strawberry flavor and chocolate pink pearls, dusted with powdered sugar. This mix is also sweet, but in a different way than the Celebrate Everything Mix. This mix's sweetness is more so because of the flavoring of the strawberry and pearls mixed together.  For every Think-Pink that Love, Mom sells, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the  non-profit Young Survival Coalition. 

The Young Survival Coalition exists to support, educate, and empower young people who have been diagnosed with or survived breast cancer. The Coalition also seeks to raise awareness about breast cancer effects on young adults under the age of 40.  Most find breast cancer in young adults rate, but approximately 70,000 men and women between 15 and 39 are diagnosed every year.  

Think-Pink Moms are $24.99 as opposed to $19.99 for other flavors. I hope that you will support the Young Survival Coalition and continue to raise breast cancer awareness for all ages by supporting Love, Mom this month! 

Want it? Buy it! 

Buy Love, Mom's Think Pink Flavor to support the Young Survivor's Coalition! 

Visit Love, Mom's shop to see other flavors are currently available! 

To learn more about Love, Mom  flavors, see ways to reuse your Love, Mom containers, and learn about their partnerships, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Does your family have a snack-mix recipe that your friends love? 
Share with us in the comments or on MBP Social Media! 

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